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    Goran Ćulibrk February 20, 2020

Ever since first launch one year ago, our developers were focused on polishing our tools and adding more features to them. After a year long improvements, we decided to start building new features that will help our customers increase their revenue and make better connections with their customers. Probably the biggest feature update in Nextsale will be SMS marketing automation. 

Campaign creation process

Initially, SMS marketing automation will consist of two core features:

  • Workflow automation
  • Bulk SMS sending
  • Analytics

Workflow automation

Connecting to your Shopify store, you will be able to configure different scenarios to connect to your customers:

  1. Cart abandonment and recovery – Send your visitors SMS notification when they forget to complete checkout
  2. Upsell products – Once your customer makes a purchase send them a text message with upsell offers
  3. Reactivate old customers – If your customer didn’t make a purchase in the specified period, send them a promo code for their next purchase
Workflow automation

Basically, once you configure workflows, they will run on autopilot and you will be able to tweak them for best performance. 

Bulk SMS sending

Have you ever heard about newsletter with nearly 100% open rate? That sounds like a myth, but text messages still have more than 90% open rates. Much higher than any other channels. 

So your campaigns will reach your leads every time. 

Combine that with a powerful segmentation and possibilities are endless. You can create segments based on customer behavior, purchase history or any other property. And whenever some of your customers fill the criteria you set, they will be automatically added to the segment. 

Create a segment based on user data

Let me explain further with few examples:

VIP customers segment

Every business has the most valuable customers. Customers who are spending the money or having many repeated purchases. And once in a while, you can create a promotion specifically for them to reward and show appreciation. 

So you can create VIP segments where you define customers that have LTV of more than $1000. Once you define a segment criteria you can create personalized message including their name and promo code that they can use for the next purchase. 

Once you create a campaign, Nextsale will automatically add new customers to the list and send them a message after 7 days of their last purchase.

Brand loyalists

If you have customers who are repeatedly buying your products and they are loyal to your brand you can reward them with the news of upcoming products or offer them to pre-order before others giving them a sense of exclusivity.

You can create a segment that will filter out only customers who made at least 10 purchases in the last year. 

Once you create your pre-order promotion, you can create a campaign that will send them an exclusive link to the offer. 


You cannot have a successful marketing campaign with proper tracking and analytics. That is why we are building our own proprietary link shortener that will make sure each click and conversion is properly recorded.

When a user clicks a link in your text message, we will be able to track their purchases even if they purchased a product different than the one you sent in the offer. Pretty sweet feature if you ask us. 

By looking at the dashboard you can easily see all the necessary stats like:

  • How many messages have been sent
  • How many people clicked on your offer
  • How many purchases did you have
  • How much did you earn etc.

And by the way, if you have some specific metrics that you would like to see, feel free to let us know 🙂

The development is already in progress and it will be done in the next few weeks. Initially our plan is to release it to a limited number of users for testing and improvements based on their feedback. If you want to be one of the first people who will get their hands on this tool, join the waiting list by filling this form

We are always happy to hear from you. 

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