Nextsale is acquired by AppHub – US based software company

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    Taleh Karimli February 2, 2022

Nextsale is acquired by AppHub

To our friends and beloved customers:

We are happy to announce that Nextsale is fully acquired by AppHub – software company. 

After working non-stop for 3 years, it was time for the Nextsale team (now AKA former team) to evaluate the acquisition opportunity. After careful consideration, we decided to open a new chapter for its development and create a new beginning.

As it’s said, to improve is to change.

Going forward, we want to assure you that the acquiring company will still be the same old Nextsale that you have grown to love. The mission of Nextsale remains unchanged. Nextsale will continue building new features to delight you and provide the same value that you have come to expect from the service.

We are excited about this new opportunity and what it means for Nextsale. The possibilities are sure that everything will be great.

In the meantime, we thank everyone for making our app great.

Warm hugs!

Former team.

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