Nextsale’s Valentine’s Day Theme is Now Available!

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    Narmina Balabayli January 24, 2020

valentine's day theme

Nextsale has built up a brand new theme featuring Valentine’s Day to match promotions.

Alongside the “Cyber Monday,” “Black Friday,” “New Year,” and other themes, Nextsale created a new theme for Valentine’s Day to help marketers boost sales.

Valentine’s Day is ahead of us. 

Almost all of us buy gifts for our loved ones for this special day.

According to the National Retail Federation, Valentine’s Day consumer spending hit the record in 2019.

Consumers roughly spent $20.7 billion for this day, and most of the purchases were from online shopping.

Knowing this fact, you can expect even double your sales in the upcoming days.

Nextsale’s Valentine’s Day theme popups were designed in a way that will result in extra sales for your eCommerce businesses. 

The new theme is available on all our popups and bars. 


Generate more leads for your business with Social-Proof
Collect the emails and phone numbers from prospective customers and turn them into leads.

Use the power of social proof
Overcome consumer skepticism by using different tools such as Social-Proof to display social proof and build incredible brand trust.

Easily add FOMO to your website
Increase conversions by creating a sense of urgency, implement FOMO to retain visitors when they want to leave the page.

Valentine's day theme promo bar
Valentine’s Day Theme Promo Bar

Social Proof:

  • Social proof popup: add powerful testimonials, notify visitors about website traffic and encourage new visitors in purchases by showing them previous orders;
  • Sales popup: Let visitors know what others did on the website by showing recent sales notifications. Build incredible trust to help your visitors to shop with confidence;
  • Activity popup: Show live visitor count, order count and product views with attractive popups.
Valentine's Day Theme Social Proof
Valentine’s Day Theme Social Proof

Countdown Popup:

  • Create a strong sense of urgency and hurry visitors to make purchases quickly by showing a countdown timer;
  • Collect the emails and phone numbers from prospective customers and turn them into leads.
Valentine's Day Theme Popup Urgency
Valentine’s Day Theme Popup Urgency

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