What are the Best Customer Service Tools for 2020?

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    Narmina Balabayli January 15, 2020

Customer service is an act of communicating with customers to support them, offer help, solve their problems, and more. It is very disappointing that only 12% of customers believe that a company provides good customer service, according to a study by HubSpot. 

As you know, the quality of customer service is a crucial indicator of a company’s long-term success. Gartner’s research reveals that 89% of companies compete with rivals based on customer service. Thus, we need to prioritize it and use certain customer service tools to achieve our business objectives.

Customer service tools may seem complicated. How customers get in touch with you and in which ways hugely affect customer satisfaction. 

According to research from PWC, 86% of customers are willing to pay more to experience excellent customer service.

Knowing this fact, you can positively take advantage of your customer service and increase your conversion rates

In the following sections, I present 5 customer service tools that you can leverage to boost your sales and provide an excellent experience for your customers.

Online Communities

It is a virtual community that a company provides its customers with a participatory experience where they can exchange their ideas, give feedback, interact with each other, and more. By building an online community, you overthrow all the borders and create an environment that makes your customers feel valued. 

Did you know that almost 49% of companies save 10% to 25% of expenses annually by building online communities? 

One of the glorious examples of companies using the internet community is Starbucks. Its online community, called My Starbucks Idea offers its coffee admirers share their ideas, feedback, and votes. 

customer service tools
My Starbucks Idea

In this context, Starbucks shows how much its customers’ ideas worth to them and how significant they are. 

It will help if you use your creativity while establishing online communities. For instance, Xbox Ambassadors provide its customers with Twitch shows, Youtube videos and tutorials, and forums. For an active working online community, you can analyze your customers, their preferences by making online surveys, polls, Q&A sessions, and more. 

Facebook Groups

Facebook is one of the ideal ways to grow your business – you can advertise, sell, and contact with your customers. With the Facebook support group, your customers can easily get in touch with you, share their ideas and feedback. 

You can create weekly Q&A sessions with the help of Facebook group features such as polls, threads, quizzes, etc. With live Q&A sessions, you can support and help your customers. 

Besides customer care, you can leverage Facebook groups to drive more traffic to your eCommerce store. 

Launching a Facebook group, inviting friends, and annoying them with your store’s link should not be your goal. You need to provide value to your customers 🔥. 

It will be best if you create an environment for them to experience the unique difference between your company and many others out in the market. It is where your creativity should come to your help. As a beginner, you can implement the following tips:

  • Let your customers know they are special. There are many ways to do so; for instance, you can invite only customers who have purchased your product or service; or, you can invite the ones who have added your product in their wishlist, etc. 
  • Discuss current trends. By doing so, you can show that your company is well-aware of events and trends in the industry.
  • Ask for feedback, suggestions, and complaints. By sharing their expectations, suggestions, customers will engage with your brand that leads generations.

Self-service Knowledge Base

Knowledge base is like an online library that offers valuable information about your product. This can include e-books, FAQ pages, video tutorials, and more. 

In fact, 91% of the customers prefer self-service if there is available information that meets their demand. 

According to customer service statistics, 73% of the customers want to resolve issues by themselves. They do not want to contact customer service in the first place. Your company needs to deliver a knowledge base service for better customer satisfaction. 

Let’s look at another example of Starbucks. If you ever visit its official website, you can see that everything about Starbucks coffee is written there: from menus to nutritional information. 

Knowledge base self-service of Starbucks allows customers to find answers by themselves, and get to know the products better. 

customer service tools
Nextsale Knowledge Base

Social Media Profiles

When it comes to customers, your provision of service needs to be diversified. Customers are different in their preferences for contact. Thus, you need to create as many social profiles, depending on your customers’ behavior. 

Social channels offer customers to contact, rate, give feedback or complain, or just mention your company.

According to the Institute of Customer Service, 1 in every 3 customers turn to social media first when they need to seek support or communication with a company

You should analyze which platform your customers prefer. Depending on your product or service, your channels need to focus on a particular audience. Most of the companies prefer Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, while some focus on Youtube and Pinterest.

To get the most from the social media customer service, to need to know where your customers are – which channel they prefer.

Live chats

Customers want to get a quick answer to their question, and fast solution to their problems. Live chats are one of the ideal customer service tools to provide the quickest communication for eCommerce businesses. 

customer service tools
Nextsale Live Chat

Instant help and problem solution is a leading way to keep your customers satisfied. It can be the reason that people prefer to live chat over other contact channels. 

In fact, live chat support during checkout processes increases conversion rates 💪🏽. 

There has been much research about the correlation between the existence of live chat and an increase in revenues.

As an example, Goinflow reveals that there is an increase in conversion rates of about 3.84% and a 6% overall increase in revenues

There are several Shopify, WordPress, BigCommerce, etc. live chat plugins that make it easy to add it to your website. Before, including live chats, you should consider the following questions:

  • On which pages you should install live chat? In this case, you should consider which pages you get the most traffic, and which page may generate more leads.
  • Who will communicate with your customers? Chatbots are helpful for the first interaction with the customers, but not for further communication. Since customers prefer personalized support, you need to hire individuals to take care of your customers. 

In brief, by including live chat to your eCommerce store, you can:

  • Increase your online store revenues and sales;
  • Provide the fastest customer care;
  • Deliver a better customer experience.

Wrap Up

Marketers could not repeat more that providing excellent customer service is crucial to increase overall revenues and sales, and most importantly, delight the customers. 

Above, I present several essential customer service tools that are enough to improve your service if you implement them correctly. Do not forget that, once you provide customers with what they expect and need, they will surely be happy and excited to become your loyal customers. 

Take your time, your product, research your audience, implement the appropriate tools to meet your customers’ needs and expectations; you will surely rock the sales!

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