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    Berenika Teter December 16, 2019

If you manage an e-commerce store, you already have a lot on your plate. Although many tasks and responsibilities that your day-to-day job revolves around can be performed manually, there’s often no need to waste time and effort on them – especially with so many dedicated tools available. 

In fact, there are many e-commerce tools on the market that can be useful in everyday work and facilitate tedious processes while increasing traffic and revenue of your store. We decided to choose a few of such solutions that are worth looking at in particular, to give you an idea of what should your toolbox include. Here they are.

What tools should be included in any e-commerce toolbox?

Of course, it is impossible not to mention the platforms that are among every e-commerce manager’s essentials and thus, are used widely: the e-commerce module within Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, or systems integration that supports payments or the operation of online stores themselves. What other, less-known solutions are worth paying attention to as well?

Tools that can help you optimise your store in the long run

Running an online store is associated with the need to analyse its performance at all times. Thanks to LiveSession it is possible to keep an eye on how customers use your site, and whether they find any difficulties when browsing it. Such insights are useful especially when improving the overall user experience and testing out new features on the website.  

LiveSession dashboard
LiveSession dashboard

If you really want to optimise conversion rates and ROI, though, you might want to consult specialists. Growcode, for example, offers quite a unique approach to conversion rate optimisation that targets 3 forms of revenue with guaranteed results. This actually helps you enhance the user experience of your pages to continuously lift your conversions and profit faster and higher than CRO alone – without even involving your developers.

  • Tools that can help you drive traffic to your store 

Social networks can help you attract potential customers like no other channel. Basically, they let you connect with your audience and publish valuable content. It might not seem like much but, in reality, can truly work wonders – if managed properly, that is. Take care of your social media presence with a powerful social media management tool like Kontentino, and don’t forget to boost your posts once you’re at it. You can easily manage and optimise your Facebook ads with Adzooma.

Speaking of social media – you can also engage your users via Messenger and dedicated chatbots. Chatbotize will allow you to do so in a matter of just a few clicks. This way, your customers will be able to contact you in real-time. They can easily ask questions and express concerns regarding your order or purchase details and get a response in seconds – which saves time for both your customers and the customer service department. 

At the same time, you shouldn’t forget about social media monitoring. With BrandMentions, you can identify the needs, problems and trends among consumer groups that can easily become your customers. The software can also help you find opinions or recommendations of your brand, and keep an eye on your competitors at the same time. 

BrandMentions dashboard
  • Tools that can help you communicate with your customer more effectively

An e-commerce manager also needs a stable and solid solution for sending newsletters and offers via e-mail. Thanks to tools such as Reply, it is possible to automate personal email outreach and segment the customer base so that they receive only the most relevant and customized messages. Actually, it’s a powerful sales tool combines personal emails, follow-ups, and other important tasks into a multichannel sequence to reach your customers wherever they are.

In addition to emails, there’s also another channel at your disposal: calls. CloudTalk offers you integration with the most popular e-commerce solutions, customer relationship management systems, support tools and many other essential applications. It gives your team the opportunity to measure and improve customer communication through advanced call center analysis. You can also check your agents’ performance live thanks to real-time analytics.

Cloudtalk dashboard

Apart from calls, you could leverage text messages as well. SMSAPI and its intuitive user interface can easily help you with that. In turn, you’re able to reach thousands of potential and existing customers within seconds, boost your revenue, and build a strong brand image at the same time. In fact, it has plenty of available features to take your SMS communication to the next level. 

While on the subject of communication, though, it is also worth using additional contact points with your customers. Platforms like Nextsale, for instance, allow you to create campaigns via popups and notifications. They are a perfect solution for displaying social proof, distributing your content, and informing about new deals and offers. 

Nextsale dashboard

What else is there in store for e-commerce managers? 

The tools for the e-commerce manager might not always be obvious and directly related to increasing sales in the online store. You can also try custom methods for obtaining customer data, promoting your e-commerce business and engaging with potential or existing clients – like taking advantage of RocketLink, as an example.

The tool makes it easier to shorten links and add pixels to them, which will allow you to create campaigns meant for people who clicked on those links – even if the URLs don’t even link to your e-commerce site. Not to mention that the links can be enriched with even more custom elements to accelerate your lead generation efforts. 

As can be seen, there are many useful tools that could help e-commerce managers in their day-to-day work – and many of them are not solely dedicated to e-commerce! As a matter of fact, we could probably prepare a list several times longer. It is important, however, to test different solutions, and constantly keep an eye on new tools and e-commerce trends. It may turn out that a quick change will not only save you more time and effort – but also stress and money once the new toolbox hits the right the spot. The results, therefore, are truly worth it. 

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