10 Best PayPal Alternatives for e-commerce in 2019

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    Samra Mammadli July 27, 2019

Payment Gateway Market

Trying to find a suitable online payment service for your business can be complicated. PayPal seems the most obvious and worldwide known option. The payment gateway market has become a much more competitive space for PayPal alternatives for e-commerce in the last five years. Now several substitutes offer reasonable rates and interesting features that may be better for your business. You can arrange your online business and boost sales with payment systems and get an eCommerce growth. Before choosing any of them prefer to make a list of your needs. Once you have it, compare it with the characteristics of each tool. In this way, you will decide which one will be the most appropriate for you. If you have questions about payment gateway and do not know how to do it, read this article.

Paypal Alternatives for your Online Business
Paypal Alternatives for your Online Business

Major alternatives and advantages to PayPal


Yes, Braintree is indeed a subsidiary of PayPal, but it can still be considered an alternative. Braintree was founded in 2007 in Chicago, started in the digital payment segment in 2010, and in 2012 it was acquired by Venmo. Besides, it also had offices in Canada, Australia, and Europe. Braintree offers a competitive rate of 1.9% plus € 0.30 for the transaction without monthly costs. Due to PayPal’s support, Braintree provides a comprehensive support network to its customers. In other words, it is to guide them through the payment process efficiently. An alternative to PayPal, this great platform covers more than 44 countries and 130 currencies. That is why this payment platform is genuinely international. It has a high level of third-party integration that makes it a highly compatible payment gateway.


Able to perform millions of transactions per day, Worldpay is among the leading payment services in Europe and the world. Since 2010, the company belongs to private equity funds – before, it belonged to the Royal Bank of Scotland. Every day, more than 26 million transactions are executed through Worldpay as one of the leading PayPal alternatives for e-commerce. The system works with more than 120 different currencies from around the world. It operates with various types of companies, from small and medium to large companies, in addition to the most varied e-commerce services in the world, such as travel, digital content, and video games.


Payoneer is the fastest payment system. It is an excellent option for companies that handle a high volume of transactions. They offer you a virtual account, which gives them a competitive advantage in the international market. It is easy to make payments globally and then obtain funds transparently in a local account. Through Payoneer, the payments are not only easy to receive but also easy to make by creating an active bidirectional payment gateway. Payoneer is ideal for companies that also make a large volume of online payments. Receiving payments from national and international accounts is free unless the payment process is made through a credit card. In that case, it would have a 3% rate.

Ease Payment processes with PayPal Alternatives
Ease Payment processes with PayPal Alternatives


Previously called Moneybookers, the system is one of the leaders among online payment systems. It has been in the market since 2001 and has more than 560 workers, from 30 nationalities, in offices throughout Europe and the United States. The website has more than 36 million registered users, with accounts in more than 200 countries around the world, in 40 different currencies. Considering all it is becoming one of the main PayPal alternatives for e-commerce on the planet.


2Checkout allows sellers to accept online payment for their trending products and services. After your e-commerce is approved with 2Checkout, the customer can make the payment after completing their purchases. The system works mainly with physical, service, and electronic products and goods. Customers can opt for various credit cards to make payments. The service is available in more than 200 countries, working with 26 different types of currencies.

Shopify Payments

Shopify Payments is one of the most popular payment gateways for online stores. It uses a general Shopify service. Like many other PayPal alternatives, Shopify Payments have high integration with third-party applications and systems. It focuses on the client doing everything possible to finalize the transaction. There is a wide range of plans, including Basic, Pro and unlimited, with rates from 2.7% to 2.4%. This payment gateway is integrated with other applications to keep track of your store’s finances as well as accounting. They offer free international payments for a wide range of countries without additional costs.


Stripe is possibly PayPal’s biggest competitor in terms of market share and volume. It has a powerful integration that works perfectly with hundreds of third-party applications as well as services. The features make it incredibly easy to use. Most importantly, payments are processed quickly, a crucial aspect of any business. The money can be in your account in 48 hours. Stripe has a global presence, so international payments are not a problem and have no additional cost. There is no monthly fee, only a fixed rate of 1.4% per transaction. There is an additional fee of € 0.25 for European cards and € 2.9 and € 0.25 for non-European cards. Stripe can accept a wide variety of payment methods and that is what makes it one of the best PayPal alternatives.

Google Wallet

It is no surprise that the business giant Google has also entered the field of payment gateways. Google Wallet follows other Google products in terms of design and functionality. With your payment gateway, you will have a free method to accept payments from your customers without having to bear any cost. In case of having a long payment process customers may leave the page. Therefore, Google Wallet requires only a number or an email address. There is an inherent trust in the Google brand that makes it a reliable option for consumers. The transfer is processed automatically, creating a transition without any interruption.

Google Wallet as PayPal
Google Wallet as PayPal

Klik & Pay

This Alternative Payment is running since 2000, and they have not stopped innovating since then. They work with many payment options, for instance, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. It is one of the best PayPal alternatives for e-commerce. It is useful especially if you work selling in Asia. Because it also accepts UnionPay and Alipay that are very popular in the Asian continent. It also has support for the leading CMS: OSCommerce, Prestashop, Joomla, Magento, and WooCommerce. And for those who wish to work with digital content, it also has solutions designed for this like set up payments for subscriptions and recurring payments.


Venmo is a new online payment system, which is one of the great PayPal alternatives. To clarify, it is a digital wallet that allows users to make transactions to their contacts. It is different to make payment through bank and credit card. If you do it from your bank account, it is free, but if you make a transaction through credit card, there will be a 3% charge. Venmo is designed to make payments between people who know each other in person. In other words, it is not a platform to pay bills or make other transactions. For example, when sharing a hotel room, one person can connect with the other with Venmo and transfer half the cost of the room to the person making the payment. If both parties have their bank accounts with Venmo, it is only necessary to communicate with the other person and click on transfer money. Consequently, it requires no effort.

Other Alternatives to Paypal

The additional options that are currently available for payments are endless. Moreover, they are increasing day by day. Facebook will soon support online payments through a messenger, in other words, its messaging application. Android Pay will also be available soon. For now, the Apple Pay commission is 0.15% per transaction.

Alternatives to PayPal
Alternatives to PayPal


You don’t have to assume that PayPal will be your only payment system. There are many PayPal alternatives for e-commerce options that are competing with PayPal. But, with online shopping, there are also possible frauds. Venmo had its share of fraud incidents, the consequences of which can be dire. With the boom in online payment services, you have to be very careful when using them because ease can lead to inefficiency and fraud. The main feature of each online payment system that you consider is the ease of use, costs, fraud protection, and where and how the system can be used. Not all payment systems are created in the same way.

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