Getting Traffic but Zero Sales: How Social Proof Can Help?

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    Samra Mammadli July 25, 2019

How to Convert Social Proof into Sales?

Increasing sales of online business weren’t that much easy before. Now it is possible with some methods of social proof in marketing.

Firstly, you can do this by using a variety of social proof in your marketing campaigns. The star rating, the number of items sold to the customers as well as the comments of the previous users have a necessary role in the attracting of new customers.

Another method is the countdown. The countdown has the power to prevent the feeling of doubt that customers have before purchasing any online service.

If they think there are only a few items left or the sale ends soon it will trigger them and create urgency. So, they will be less likely to postpone the purchase.

Therefore, it is necessary to use a form of social proof at every stage of customer contact. That is to say, they include sending a message, landing page, and order page.

Increase sales from zero by using Social Proof
Increase sales from zero by using Social Proof

Other additional ways to convert leads

Imagine your company does not have the power of Amazon and you don’t know what to do for raising sales from traffic. Moreover, you think you have small chances because of the zero sales from traffic.

So, how do you use social proof if you have a few existing clients? This is where you need to be creative.

There are four ways to develop your brand consistency and attract the attention of targeted traffic.

Super-Easy Ways to improve the brand

  • Get Certificates

If your business is primarily on the Internet and obtaining certification, it can enhance the credibility of your potential customers.

Several websites offer free certification courses for those working in the marketing or technology fields.

Once you have received a certificate, put it on your website. When you do this you can show potential customers that you are a serious online business.

So the leads will have a brand trust and they will know what you are doing.

  • Be a Partner Company

As a small business that has just started, becoming a business partner can bring huge benefits.

Many large companies offer partnership programs in the areas of marketing and information technology. To clarify, by partnering with a large company, you will get referrals from clients as you work to develop more social evidence.

Many partner programs have a tiered system: do not expect to start at the top! Prepare to climb the ladder. Once in place, this partnership will bring you many benefits.

  • Write about Your Field Of Activity

When you start working, avoid talking only about yourself and your business. Look further and find the influential people in your niche. Interview them and post the information on your blog.

In addition to the interviews, explain why your service or product is important in your area of activity.

Also, you will need a reputable partner, an expert in search engine optimization. It is because SEO will help you gain more traffic. You will do it by ranking it higher in search engine results so many people will visit your website.

That is why by using a good strategy as a social proof you can convert them into sales and raise the rate of conversions.

  • Show Numbers

It is one of the best ways to share the company’s statistics with potential customers. You can do it in many ways.

For example, creating a counter that displays the number of customers, the number of downloads as well as the visitors will be useful.

Moreover, presenting the web traffic, the number of followers and others, you will prove that you are a loyal company by having a reputation.

Therefore, this as social proof will push the traffic. In this way, you can attract potential customers and persuade them to your product or online service.

Difficult to get?

One of the easiest ways to get social evidence is to ask your existing customers for help. There are many ways to ask clients for helping you to obtain evidence.

The first is to ask customers to leave a comment about products or online service.

To do this, you need to design a customer evaluation form. And if they forget to leave a comment, send them a follow-up email and ask them to write a comment and link them directly to the page.

Another great way to get social proof from existing customers is to encourage them to recommend your product or service to a friend.

Boost sales with forms of social proof
Social Proof reviews
Boost sales with forms of social proof
Social Proof reviews

Share Social Evidence on Social Media

Social media has incredible power when it comes to converting customers.

There are two ways to get the attention of potential customers by using social proof.

The first thing to remember is that the numbers speak volumes. With this method, you will increase your number of satisfied customers. Most importantly, the volume of products purchased or the number of current customers will raise.

The second way is to post snippets of customer stories on social media. This is where the follow-up emails that go to existing customers become useful.

Other Forms of Social Proof

As your business gains new customers and grow, you are going to have more responsibility as an owner.

After that, you can begin to use a wider variety of social proof in your marketing campaigns.

That is why the following forms of social evidence are designed for large-scale campaigns. Due to that, they are so effective.

Ecommerce growth with social proof
Ecommerce growth with social proof

Expert Social Proof

Expert social evidence involves hiring celebrities or professionals. In this way, you can identify your target audience with them.

An ambassador is someone who will promote your product in your advertising campaigns. You can choose to use the testimonials of influential people in your field of business.

If your budget allows collaborating with a celebrity who will help you to make your product known to its fans. If they will feel the benefits, many influences and other celebrities will advertise your product on their own social media.

However, it is important to ensure that the investment will be profitable. So, be careful to avoid temptations.

Social Proof of User

This one is related to comments and testimonials. Comments come from existing customers. They are so useful because people always tend to trust the opinions of others. To clarify the reason, they have already researched a product and need to justify a purchase.

When the research combined with social evidence it speeds up the purchase process.

Testimonials provide an insight into the traffic that whether your product or service made them happy or not. In other words, how your online service has changed the lives of those people.

With the help of testimonials, potential customers will reassure themselves before making a final decision.

Besides testimonials, case studies are also useful for converting traffic into sales with social proof. They provide deeper insights into the customer’s story. No need to present them in written form.

Indeed, video or audio testimonials are suitable to attract other potential customers.

The Digital Version of Word-Of-Mouth

This form of social proof is very simple. It is about buying any product and sharing it with friends on social media. It is because when someone purchases an item they have a chance to share it on social networking sites.

By using this way you can offer many customers to share their experience on social network sites. In doing so, targeted traffic of sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram can be attracted by your online service.


Now that you know a little more about social proof, it’s time for you to put these ideas into practice.

Start by testing the placement of social evidence in your ads, on social media, and your own website.

The more you can remind a customer how many satisfied customers you have, the better you will be. If you follow all the tips you won’t have a question about how to drive traffic to your online store as well as converting them into sales.

Have you ever had problems with high traffic & zero sales? 🤨 How did you handle? Comment it below ⤵️

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