Shopping Cart Abandonment: 5 Best Plugins to Win More Sales

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    Orkhan Hajiyev August 9, 2019

Solve the problem of Shopping Cart Abandonment

Why customers abandon carts?

Global Survey found that 49% of shoppers do not believe in online stores. Lack of eCommerce trust is the principal reason behind the cart abandonment issue.

This is perhaps one of the biggest reasons for shopping cart abandonment. Therefore, it is not easy to prove your eCommerce to people who always have some skepticism about online stores.

Even if your products are of the best quality, you can’t just sit back without doing any action.

Have you experienced Abandoned Carts?
Have you experienced Abandoned Carts?

It is necessary to know the reasons why eCommerce customers abandon their shopping carts. The abandoned carts could be because of credibility issues, disordered payment processes, additional tax fees, etc.

You can solve all these abandoned cart issues with Social Proof by showing other customer satisfaction, allowing your customers to shop confidently. Social Proof will help raise brand trust, which you need for a successful business future.

Cart abandonment causes the loss of your sales

All these problems jeopardize your business and do not allow you to boost sales in an eCommerce store. If you already know how the situation may become worse you should think about the ways to prevent it and recover sales.

Fortunately, now it is easy to save orders from cart abandonment due to the availability of lots of plugins. These are the 5 best life-saving ones that you won’t find all in one article, that is why read this and be ready to increase the revenue of your eCommerce.

Plugin for Shopify

1. Nextsale

Nextsale is the most effective plugin that is compatible with Shopify. It is an app directed to increase brand trust by using Social Proof & Urgency tools.

This plugin prevails over most of its competitors due to its features. Nextsale helps you build credibility and prevent cart abandonment issues with exit intent popup and urgency countdown timer. Popup notifications that assist to influence users.

All these things create a Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) technique and convert visitors into real-time customers. Exit-intent popups keep prospective customers and retain them at the time when they want to leave your site. It works by showing promotional content and encourages them to stay and make a purchase.

Cart timer is the one that adds urgency on the cart page and reminds shoppers that they need to check out now. This helps to avoid losing their items from the basket. So, you recover sales, increase conversions and improve trust issues with lowering high bounces. This app is vital for anyone who wants to expand the business.

One of the eCommerce issues: Shopping Cart Abandonment
One of the eCommerce issues: Shopping Cart Abandonment

Plugins in WooCommerce

2. Abandoned Cart Lite

This a WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Lite that will help you to save the sales by reaching the targeted traffic you need. With the help of this tool, you may achieve to reach people who haven’t completed their checkout.

This plugin sends email notifications to people both logged-in customers and guests in case they abandon their online cart. That is why the plugin of cart lite is going to ask customers to complete their purchases. There are some features of Abandoned Cart Lite. These are the following:

  1. This plugin assists to capture the guest user’s cart on the checkout. He is going to be followed up by the email address that he has provided.
  2. Secondly, helps to identify the person’s information who abandoned the order.  This information includes products that were abandoned.
  3. Users may recover their abandoned carts in just a single click.
  4. With the default template, it is possible to personalize all the details like name, product cart information as well as the cart link information.
  5.  The other feature of this tool is that it provides unlimited email templates that can be customized.
  6. When the customer finally makes the purchase the email follow-ups will be stopped automatically.
  7. In the case of completing the purchase, the plugin sends instant notification to the admin. Besides, it tracks the abandoned order value as well as the total recovered one.

3. Retainful-Cart Recovery emails

It is the best plugin that works for WooCommerce. With this app, it is possible to recover the lost sales in a single click. By doing this you may easily complete the purchases and save sales.

There are no other configurations that are required. You just need to install the plugin to start. Then create email templates that can be sent automatically in a sequence. When you do all you can easily convert your loss into sales with Abandoned Cart Recovery emails.

4. EDD Sales Recovery

The words stand for Easy Digital Downloads. It is a great plugin that secures your site by ensuring the sales to be real. That is why there will not be anything from sales recovery that doesn’t affect your business. There are many benefits as well as the features of this cart abandonment tool.

  1. There are discount codes available for users who abandon their carts.
  2. This tool is life-saving in finding the right abandoned carts. Right carts mean to be the ones that look promising to complete or the ones that are incomplete.
  3. The activities of the process can be tracked on the dashboard.
  4. This plugin is a bit more complex than other available tools. But it has many features.
  5.  EDD Sales Recovery is compatible with any WordPress site.
Why do people abandon their shopping carts?
Why do people abandon their shopping carts?

5. Conversion

The previous name of Conversions is Receiptful Abandoned Cart. It is a plugin that is compatible with any website.  There are free as well as paid versions of Conversion. Besides the feature of avoiding cart abandonment, Conversion is popular with sending custom emails. Follow below, for the advantages of Conversion:

  1. Differ any other plugins with providing more features as well as emails. You can customize emails based on the visitor.
  2. Here it is possible to treat every customer category specifically for each. In other words, you may show all the items that people left in their carts.


It seems unacceptable but almost 7 customers out of 10 abandon their online shopping cart.

If you are able to recover those abandoned carts with these plugins, you can make a lot of sales. Because people who abandon their cart are almost 70%. Yes, that is true!

This means if you achieve to recover them you may increase the rate of conversions in sales and get eCommerce trust. If you don’t have much time to analyze deep, read this article and learn the 5 supreme plugins that will solve this issue 🙂

How did you struggle with abandoned carts issue? What ways have you used to figure out this? Comment it below⤵️

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