How to use push notifications for boosting sales in 2019

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    Samra Mammadli July 22, 2019

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Every business, especially owners of small stores always has concerns about customer engagement. Push notifications are one of the best ways to improve the customer relationship. It is possible to attract people from traffic and boost sales with this tool. There are several communication channels like email, social media, etc. Push notifications are also one of these channels. They can be both websites and apps. If they are used correctly they will raise sales and lead to eCommerce growth of the business.

Push Notifications
Push Notifications

What is the meaning of push notifications?

Some people do not know what are push notifications. Because of that, they can not continue with consistent success and increase their sales for a long period. Simply, you can advance your business by using push notifications. But you should understand the significance of them. Follow this article you will learn how to use push notifications.
At first times as a mobile device, the notifications were sent to users. This happened when they had new emails that they got. But now it has changed and alerts are less used for emails. People who have installed the app get this brief message. If the person enables the receipt of the messages, then push notification works. With the help of them, you reach an entire group of people which is quite good. So, in this way, you boost sales from your targeted traffic.

Notifications on the web

Notifications can be pushed notifications iPhone, Android Web notifications and are so powerful for the success of any business. It is possible to grab the users’ attention with them. Notifications are the best way to alert any significant event as well as dragging customers to the website by making them clicking a text.

How do Web Push Notifications work?

When a person installs a mobile app he permits push notifications. After this permission, it is easy to send a notification to the device of the user. However, it is important to take permission from people for sending notifications. Web push notifications should be preferred because they uplift sales 3 times more than any other conversion optimization tool. These are the steps of how they work:

  • First Step-This step is about opt-in from visitors to the site. When they visit the website they will see an opt-in box. It will be triggered immediately after they arrive on the site. Two clicks will be on the box: Block and Allow. If they click the Allow then he is in your subscriber list.
  • Second Step-This step comes when the person is already a subscriber. All the notifications that you send from your website will reach that person in real-time. It is because you schedule a specific time for the messages. Therefore, even if the browser is not an open user will get a message. There should be a specified URL. When the subscriber clicks to the notification, then he will reach to the URL.
Web Push Notifications
Web Push Notifications

Features of Web Push Notifications

You can send relevant messages with notifications to a target group of people. Schedule them at a specific time. Try to add images to them for increasing user engagement. You can do A/B testing and compare the results after the impact of push notifications.

Three important takeaways

  • One of the necessary communications channels that are often first used by apps.
  • Useful for transactions and re-engagement, so the number of major apps uses it.
  • It is considered a completely different technology than the past due to the improvement fact. Now it is more than a simple message delivery system.

Benefits of the notifications

You can reach your users who are online with push notifications. It is the best way to communicate with the audience. Due to the fast and efficient way of these notifications they are so powerful for the business. Therefore, they bring success with lots of benefits.

1. User engagement with notifications These notifications help to attract more customers. When visitors get updates all the time they continuously engage with your online business or service. So you increase user engagement with anyone even they don’t know anything about business. Mobile app notifications assist to keep in touch with others as well. You send timely messages like special offers or other things. So in this way users engage with all the features of your business.

2. Increase conversion rates These messages create a sense of urgency which leads to increased conversions. The process begins with a problem when people left their carts with items in them. Due to the fixing of its push notifications came into play that alerted people with their items. These messages boost sales by raising the rate of conversions.

3. Target the right users You can search the users and find the targeted traffic for your business. If you find and send the messages to them it will be much more interesting for those people. Choosing the right audience will be a successful way to boost sales.

4. Brand consistency These extra messages that go with notifications help to create brand trust about businesses on people. People learn many things about your brand when you send messages. This all raises the value of your brand, therefore the brand consistency increases.

5. Customer care strategy You can improve customer care for your business by using a specific strategy. With the help of this strategy, you can increase traffic and customer experience. It is all based on providing true information. When you provide the latest updates with people meaning that you care about them. It will draw their attention. This attitude will make your relationship great with customers. This is what we call a customer strategy. Try to be friendly with the messages you send and send them promptly.

Customer Care Strategy with push notifications
Customer Care Strategy with push notifications

How to assess the impact?

Firstly you should focus on View Rate.

  • View Rate=Total View/Total Sent

View rate is when all the active subscribers have seen the notification. If it is lower then there is a problem with your timing. You probably send the messages when users are not active. To solve this do some research and find the best time for sending notifications. The second assessment tool for measuring the effectiveness is Click Through Rate (CTR).

  • CTR=Total Click/Total View

If it is higher means the user engagement with notifications is higher. In the case of lower CTR, try to improve the design for notifications.

Assess the impact of Push Notifications
Assess the impact of Push Notifications

Which is best?- Email Marketing or Push Notification

Some people do not know the differences between email marketing and push notification. That is why they confuse to use which one. These notifications vary from email marketing. They are more engaged by users. Because it directly goes to the device of users. But they consist of only a limited amount of information. It is important to be concise and understandable to users. Due to the closer engagement with customers push messages are the best.


Considering all the benefits, especially boosting sales, push notifications are effective. They help to increase sales of business 3 times more than other optimization tools. Besides, it is a real-time marketing as well as fast delivery and response. This rich and interactive medium helps to deliver a message effectively. Still, some people do not know the exact reasons that they are effective or not. It is due to driving conversions, increasing brand trust, quality customer service, and click-through rates. With all this, the buying service is much smoother for visitors. Therefore, these push messages lead to boost sales.

Do you use push notifications for your business? How did it affect ? Comment it below ⬇️

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