Nextsale launched a partnership with PageFly!

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    Narmina Balabayli July 23, 2020

Pagefly landing page builder

A very exciting partnership. We are delighted to partner with PageFly, a must-have toolkit for all eCommerce businesses!

PageFly, a cool Shopify app, lets you create, design, and optimize high-quality web pages that help easily and effortlessly convert your website visitors into customers.

Nextsale’s integration with PageFly will allow online merchants to increase visitor engagement and double conversion rates.

We want to let you know about our new partner and share its incredible features with you. 

Why use PageFly for your eCommerce store?

Easy interface. Made exclusively for Shopify merchants, PageFly helps you create any type of pages so easily: Landing pages, Homepages, and Product pages as well as About, Blog, FAQ pages, etc. 

On the PageFly dashboard, the editor structure is divided into four sections with their specific purposes for easy usage.

Ready-to-use templates. PageFly helps you save your precious time and design your online store right away by offering plenty of templates! You can choose your templates by categories i.e., fashion, food, etc. and/or special themed events like Black Friday, Valentine’s Day, etc. 

Plus, all the templates are mobile, laptop, and tablet-friendly and optimized by deep UI/UX research. And, pages created by PageFly are high in speed. 

App integrations. PageFly recommends several Shopify apps in its integration section to skyrocket your website’s conversion rates. In the integration section, you will find apps that play a role in increasing a site’s conversion rates by creating engaging forms, social proof, lead generation, etc. and better optimizing your web pages. 

Nextsale is happy to be part of PageFly’s app integration. PageFly’s users will create incredible web pages and get the chance to use our features. While designing the pages, the users will optimize on-page notifications for the best conversion rates results.

Just a quick note, by creating Nextsale’s campaigns, users will display social proof and offer promotions as well as capture phone numbers and email addresses with different types of widgets.

Social proof and activity notifications display order count, live user count, and recent sales. Users can show special offers and lead-generation on promo popups and top bars by exit-intent technology or page scroll triggers.

Free plan and 49-days free trial. Besides 14-days free trial, PageFly allows you to extend your free trial by 35 days more to grab the app’s features fully. The cool part is that the extended free trial applies to all paid plans. 

50+ elements. These elements are designed to increase conversion rates, and help you fully customize your site as you desire. PageFly looks like an all-in-one app: it kind of represents many features in one app. For instance, you can add media (image, HTML video, QR code, etc.), Shopify elements (product list, product view details, etc.), social media accounts, and more with only using PageFly.

It is much more fun when you use the features on the dashboard. 


We are happy about our partnership. Our common goal is to help online merchants to drive online by helping increase conversion rates. By joining our powers, we will serve eCommerce businesses more than ever. Nextsale looks forward to continuing our successful collaboration with PageFly to reach our common goal!

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