Shopify Pursuit 2020 Amsterdam – Key takeaways

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    Orkhan Hajiyev February 24, 2020

Shopify Pursuit Amsterdam

From the beginning of our journey, I always looked for improving Nextsale in every way I could. I am Orkhan Hajiyev, the growth leader and one of the co-founders of Nextsale. 

Arriving at Shopify Pursuit

In the recent few days, I participated in a memorable and informative event – Shopify Pursuit.

In this 2 day event, I met new people from five countries, shared ideas, enlarged Shopify Partners network, participated in workshops, and so forth! 

The purpose of participating in Shopify Pursuit – Amsterdam was to learn new ideas and come back to you – our customers better, stronger, and grown.

In this post, I would like to share my experiences with you. 

What is Shopify Pursuit?

The motto of this event is “turning ideas into action.” As they put it,

“Five countries, two days of content, and one partner community coming together in pursuit of collaboration, progress, and powerful takeaways.”

The aim of Shopify Pursuit is to support its Partners and developers in their businesses.

Office hours, workshops, presentations, and badge-pick up, and other events full of opportunities were offered to the attendees. Event days were organized pretty nicely, with delicious foods and timekeeping.

Why Was Shopify Pursuit Remarkable?

More than 250 attendees from all over Europe gathered in Amsterdam to share their experiences for building businesses on Shopify.

Workshops, keynote, presentations, and conferences are offered to Shopify developers and partners to acknowledge new ideas, strategies, and business tools for immediate implementation.

Connecting with like-minded people was a key to collaborating and grasp powerful insights.

Several meetings, happy hours, and networking areas created vast opportunities to find new partners and bright exchange ideas.

One important note to visitors of the next Shopify Pursuit is that more than one team member should come to the event since there are so many things happening in two days. I was unable to visit all the workshops and sessions. 

What’s coming to Shopify

Website speed is one of the most important factors for user experience and also for ranking on search engines. Shopify recognized the need for better tools for merchants to monitor and improve their performance so one of the features that are coming soon is the Performance dashboard. From a single view, you will be able to monitor and analyze the speed of your website and make sure it’s fast and snappy for visitors.

How Was It?

Chatting and connecting with like-minded people to build a network in such an atmosphere was exciting, at the same time motivating. 

In the conferences, we – attendees would walk and chat, share our ideas about building a successful business and removing blocking barriers for growth. 

I spent two busy and productive days in Amsterdam. Now I am back with fresh and lighting ideas. Together with our team, we take the next step to improve Nextsale product and service for you!

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