How to Prevent Cart Abandonment for eCommerce Sites?

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    Narmina Balabayli March 19, 2020

Nextsale & BotsNext

The previous year i.e., in 2019, we witnessed global eCommerce sales amounting to $3.5 trillion, which resulted in an 18% rise in sales in comparison to the previous year. With the new decade in line and the speculated growth of eCommerce market size at the CAGR rate of 11.5%, it is no surprise that in 2023 the global eCommerce sales will hit the $6.5 trillion mark. 

But the main question is, can it get better? According to a survey, the global shopping cart abandonment rate in all the eCommerce stores was 69.57%. Just imagine, if the abandoned cart were escalated to purchase, then it would have changed the sales data to a huge extent, and the predicted number of sales for the coming years would have been much higher.

Now, if you own a Shopify or any other eCommerce store, then you surely have encountered this problem. The cart abandonment drastically reduces your expected sales, and it can lead to an unexpected loss to your store as well if no action is taken for the problem.

Reason for Cart Abandonment?

Before we get into the solutions for this problem, we need to understand the main reason which influences your online visitors to not complete the purchase.

According to a recent survey, the most common reason which prompt customers to abandon their shopping carts was due to extra charges like taxes, shipping costs, etc. 

Another main reason that consumers abandon carts is low brand trust. When customers are skeptical about your brand, they will be hesitant to purchase a product. Even if they add your products to their cart, they are less likely to complete the purchase when they do not trust the company. 

There are other reasons as well, which include technical problems like a complicated checkout process or a long session duration for the checkout process to take place.

If you think this problem is difficult to solve, then think again! When you analyze each problem specifically, which caused the customer to abandon the cart, then you can perform dynamic actions to resolve the issue. For instance, if a particular customer abandoned his cart due to extra charges, then you can provide a discount on their cart product, which will prompt them to complete the checkout process. Or, in the case of low social trust, you can provide visitors with the previous actions of customers.

But again! How can you better communicate the solution with a sense of personalization that will maximize the chances of completing your product sales?

So here are some amazing solutions we offer to eCommerce website stores to solve their problems.

Our Solutions

You know, there is a saying; if there is a problem, there is a solution. We cannot say that abolishing cart abandonment is 100% possible. But, you can reduce it dramatically if you rightly use the solutions we give below.

WhatsApp Chatbot for Shopify

Consider this situation – you have a lot of traffic coming to your website, and more than half of them bounce back after browsing through your products. This really causes a loss to your marketing efforts, which managed to bring visitors to your Shopify website. 

The primary reason your visitors exit from your page is because they are unable to find what they are actually looking for! To resolve this problem, you will need to put a guiding agent on your website which, when clicked upon, opens up the conversation platform. And when it is the most popular messaging platform – WhatsApp icon floating on your website that will really create an interest for them to have a conversation on it.

Website View of WhatsApp Chatbot by BotsNext

The WhatsApp chatbot comes really handy when it comes to user engagement and acquisition. But when your chatbot is conversing with your customers on the most popular messaging platform – WhatsApp, which is connected to your Shopify website, it can really intrigue your customers to complete the purchase.

And in case if your customers left your cart abandoned even after conversing with the chatbot, then you can schedule to send notifications as a WhatsApp message, which has a high open rate of 99% and a 65% high probability of completing the abandoned cart purchase. 

Nextsale – Social Proof & Exit-intent Popups

No matter what your audience size is, your company needs to build trust. Nextsale social proof includes activity and sales popups. When consumers are skeptical about your brand authenticity, you can earn their trust by showing those popups.

social proof cart abandonment
Nextsale Social Proof

Activity popups show consumers how many people were recently active on your site. You can also use activity popups to show the number of recently active people based on their locations.

The social proof popup is an ideal way to prevent cart abandonment issues. Besides social trust increases conversion rates, even if there is no severe cart abandonment problem.

In the case of high or additional charges in the checkout processes, you can use Nextsale exit-intent popups – these promo popups offering discounts lower down card abandonments.

cart abandonment
Nextsake Exit-intent popup

Even if there are no extra charges for leaving checkout processes, you can offer discounts and promo codes to create incentives for consumers for instant purchases.  

How? When a customer is about to leave – the cursor is going to the exit; the exit-intent promo pops up. The popup offers discounts and promo codes that create incentives for immediate purchase. 

How Do Our Solutions work?

WhatsApp Business Access for Shopify

In order to get access to WhatsApp Business for your Shopify store, you need to make a request through an official WhatsApp Business Solution Partner. For better information on how you can get started with the solution, read this article

After you get access to WhatsApp Business, then you can easily communicate with your customers on the most popular messaging platform. For easy communication, you will get a dashboard where your customer conversation can be easily handled. 

The dashboard will have the feature of showing all the necessary details related to your customers like their personal data, their past and live product details, their conversation history, which will help your customer representatives handling the dashboard to quickly sort the customer problem effectively in less time.

WhatsApp Business by BotsNext

In case you have high customer queries coming on your website, which cannot be handled all at once, then a chatbot will take care of that. The chatbot will also have access to your dashboard, which will perform a human-like conversation using the data from the dashboard.  

Also, using the dashboard, your chatbot can automatically schedule and send out notifications like card abandonment reminders, product life cycle queries, new product launches, festive discounts, etc. which will very much improve your retention rate. You can categorize such responses based on the groups formed based on your customer’s interest and previous purchase behavior.

Example of BotsNext WhatsApp Chatbot

And not just that, you can perform other various activities with a WhatsApp chatbot that will help to best engage and retain your customers. You can give a read to our blog on 12 whatsapp use cases for eCommerce business to better understand some use cases of WhatsApp for your eCommerce business.

Nextsale – Growth Management Platform

You can install the Nextsale in seconds, and create your first campaign in 3 minutes. Nextsale is available on Shopify, WooCommerce, WordPress, BigCommerce, and custom websites. 

You can add Nextsale to your site in three easy steps: 

  1. Sign up – Create your account
  2. Connect – add your website – by adding tracking or directly installing the plugin
  3. Launch – Select a trigger and launch your campaign.

In the dashboard, you will see campaign types by according to their appearances:

  • Notification
  • Popup
  • Bar
cart abandonment
Nextsale User Dashboard

To create a campaign, you need to go to the dashboard. There you need to choose a campaign type and your goal: lead generation, social proof, creating a sense of urgency.

You can customize the features by seasonal themes, different appearances, sounds, timer, goals, and offers.

While creating a campaign, you need to consider the following questions: What is your goal? Do you want to provide social proof, create a sense of urgency, or generate leads? Then, you need to decide how the popups should appear and disappear, in what frequency? 

You can change the design of popups, bars, and notification bars with different themes available. Seasonal themes include New Year, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, International Women Day, and more on the way. If there is no upcoming holiday or special day for offers, you still can change color and pattern.

cart abandonment
Black Friday Themed Urgency Popup

Final Thought

As entrepreneurs, we hustle too much to make our business work – put hard work, spend most of the time and money. As time goes by, we gain a certain amount of visitors and customers. But, if they do not purchase our products – we do not meet our expectations. Thus, all the hard work we put once seems like nothing.

Customer support and conversion rates are vital for business growth and sustainability. In this article, we shared solutions to prevent cart abandonments by improving customer support and providing social proof. You can use both the solutions to double conversion rates and boost customer service.

How do you handle cart abandonment? Have you used the above-mentioned solutions? Did you find WhatsApp Chatbot useful? Feel free to share your thoughts on it!

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