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    Narmina Balabayli October 29, 2019

Product Hunt

Lack of trust and High bounces?! Nextsale is a tool to solve these issues. It is a simple way to raise brand trust by using Social Proof & Urgency tools. Almost all store owners struggle with these problems at the beginning of their business. Boosting sales & conversions should be just as easy!

➡️ Check it out:

Why Nextsale? See benefits

  • Nextsale is All In One Dashboard. Unlike the majority of competitors, it offers all Social Proof & Urgency tools from one dashboard.
  • By paying one chosen plan in Nextsale, you get access to all tools.
  • This Growth Management platform is available for Shopify since March and integration for Wocommerce and Prestashop is coming.

Nextsale V2 brings customized on-page notifications

These are three categories that we grouped for you accordingly to the solutions you need:

  • Generate leads

Collect emails and phone numbers from your visitors.

  • Create Social Proof

Show website activity and previous customer orders.

  • Create Urgency

Retain your visitors and promote offers.

Additionally, we are really pleased to make the desired tools for our customers, based on their requests.

Nextsale V2-big upgrade

How Nextsale works? Follow the steps ☑️

Think of Nextsale as a simple and fast way to recover your sales by adding it to your website. When you install it as an owner, your site will be integrated with different impressions (Social Proof & Urgency) related to your desired plan.

Here is how to get started

  1. Sign up
  2. Connect
  3. Launch!

Sign up ✔️

Create your Nextsale account.

Connect ✔️

Select your platform and easily add a tracking pixel to the website.

Launch! ✔️

Select your triggers and customize it to fit your needs and launch the campaign.

Nextsale builds a community

Nextsale is a Growth Management Platform, with the goal of helping website owners generate more leads, sales, revenue by optimization and customer experience. Our team consists of passionate developers and e-commerce influencers who are using their knowledge to provide better solutions.

Goal setting for the guaranteed future

The goal of Nextsale is to become a truly efficient platform that assists the global problem of majority e-commerce sites. I want to invite all website owners especially, small and medium ones to discover and use this best platform!

Besides custom websites, Nextsale platform is also available for one of the biggest e-commerce platforms-Shopify.

Our friendly support team is responsive in case of any questions you have, related to customer engagement. You may hit the “Nextsale support” team with your thoughts, requests, feedback. Besides, you can directly get contact with the founders through these emails:

If you need help with a specific issue please contact us via

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