Connect Mailchimp to Nextsale and sync your e-mail list for automation

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    Orkhan Hajiyev February 26, 2021

email automation integration

We’re excited to announce that Nextsale enabled Mailchimp integration! This integration allows to sync subscriber lists with Mailchimp accounts to automate e-mails.

Mailchimp is a marketing automation platform that helps businesses to create, design, and manage e-mail marketing campaigns, and contact their clients, customers, and other interested parties.

Depending on your e-mail marketing content, with Mailchimp integration, you can send automated e-mails to your subscribers. While you grow your e-mail list with Nextsale’s popups and bars, you’ll be able to sync the captured list with Mailchimp lists.

Connecting a Mailchimp account with Nextsale is easy, and does not require any coding experience.

It takes just a minute to integrate Nextsale with Mailchimp from our dashboard.

How does it work?

  1. Sign up/sign in to your Nextsale account. Go to the “Integrations” page and select Mailchimp. 
  2. Log in to authorize your Mailchimp account to Nextsale.
  3. Select the Audience/List and save it.

Grow your e-mail list with Nextsale’s on-site widgets, connect Mailchimp to sync the list, and start creating e-mail marketing campaigns via Mailchimp to send automated e-mails to your subscribers.

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