How to increase conversion rates in your website?

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    Narmina Balabayli September 25, 2019

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Here’s a breakdown of everything in this blog to access what you need easily:

  • 1. Optimize product images
  • 2. Advance product descriptions
  • 3. Improve the quality of CTA (call to action)
  • 4. Add social proof with product reviews
  • 5. Offer payment flexibility
  • 6. Use product videos
  • 7. Perform A/B testing
  • 8. Conclusion

Let’s get started! 😉

E-commerce conversion rate is the metric to track for optimizing your business.

Conversions are one of the common issues that store owners mostly struggle with. Solving this problem and increasing them will let you have more sales, leads and bigger subscriber lists.

In this article, I’ll share some tips for improving conversion rates throughout your sales funnel. Follow the tips and start boosting today in e-commerce! 🤩

Raise website conversions
Raise website conversions

1. Optimize product images

Do you know the importance of product images in your online business? They effectively communicate your products or offers to your visitors. So, try to do awesome things with images for increasing conversion rates and end with happy results.

You can provide people with what they need by displaying photos. High-quality product images can exactly do it and fill the gap of product uncertainty.

People get information from visuals much faster. That is why it is better to show visuals with a high-quality photo rather than just words.

When you use words to describe your product you need to do it with large explanation including colors, shape, dimensions, design of the product.

Isn’t it so long?! Do all with just one good photo! It will help customers to get familiar with your product.

Characteristics of a good photo 🙂

  • High quality
  • Make it memorable
  • Perceive a value
  • Creativity

Try to invest in resources and consider characteristics for making a good photo. Because it is an easy way to boost conversions and be above the competition.

Schwan’s has had one of the highest conversion rates among other e-commerce sites. This success was based on great product images they share on the website. If you look at the site you can sense it easily.

2. Advance product descriptions

Product description is a written content that informs visitors about the features of the product. It helps people to make a decision. By doing that you may increase your website conversions 📈

When visitors/potential customers come to the site they always have some questions relating to products. For instance, if you are a shoe brand, people may want to know the fit of specific shoes.

Good descriptions both have a direct impact on conversion rates and drive traffic to the site. So, if you don’t write clear messages with them, you might lose customers and affect them to move to another site.

They always need an explanation for their questions. Therefore, not showing the descriptions, means to risk the whole business.

Otherwise, you can prove to be a successful business by providing good product description 🙂

  • Make your company look brilliant by building trust
  • Ease the shopping process for people
  • Solve the specific issues people experienced before your product/service
  • You can tell things about your product that others do not own

When you write:

  • Use Keywords to get ranked in SEO 🔎
  • Use Bullet Points to allow visitors easier skimming through the most important features
  • Sell the Experience rather than your product

FreckleTime has increased the conversion rate of the site page by 2.4x by using clear product descriptions.

Encyclopedia Britannica increased conversion rates by 103% by changing descriptions.

3. Improve the quality of CTAs (call to action)

The purpose of Call to action is inducing the desired conversion you want your visitors to make.

Why is CTA important? 🗣

It has the potential to pump up more visitors and convert them into leads to increase conversion rates.

  • Chance to motivate visitors and convert them into real buyers/clients
  • Key factor that helps to raise lead & conversion
  • Assist to get successful Digital Advertising

Besides, people want to see CTAs all the time. They expect to see CTA buttons.

After reading the contents of website ads, they want to engage with the brand. That is possible with a CTA button to pass and know what the next step is.

Bad or unclear CTA can have an impact on your business by having a lot of missed sales. You will notice it by having low conversion rates and a decrease in sales.

How to write a CTA?

Writing a good CTA can be confusing. You can encourage visitors to your site with the right CTA that triggers them to take action.

Call to action is powerful when it combines urgency & scarcity tools to trigger FOMO (fear of missing out). In this way, you can make the reader take action.

The description of the process will be something like these “Get access now” or one with a countdown…

Here is what you need to include for creating high-converting Call to action:

  • Use action words
  • Create urgency and scarcity
  • Deliver value
  • Be personal
  • Encourage with curiosity 💪🏻
  • Avoid friction words
  • Use social proof

If you use the steps above to write your Call to action, 🔜 you can get increased sales.

It is important to show the benefits of the message clearly. Because it is the thing that will make people get active. Motivation for taking action and content of your page should be united in your CTA.

HubSpot is an example of a successful website that could raise conversions with CTAs. It is a master of CTAs. Just take a look at this website and see how it uses words that make readers interested in and click onto the current page quickly.

4. Add social proof with product reviews

Many people rely on product reviews. Biggest e-commerce websites like Amazon also some individual stores provide reviews about their products.

People love reviews because they guide them through the purchase process.

You need to know how to collect reviews as well as supporting statistics. Reviews will help you rank higher in Google as well ☑️

Do you know how? The answer is easy!- Boost conversions 💥 and rank SEO with user-generated content.

If someone writes a new review, share it on your website page. Google loves fresh content and it will recrawl the pages gradually. This will improve your rank in search results.

In other words, the higher you rank, the more traffic you will achieve!

PETCO is an online pet supply website. It sent out a survey to recent purchasers to know what most influenced their buying decision. The common answers were ratings and reviews. This site is an example of raising conversions with reviews.

Reward customers for getting feedback 🎁

The best way to collect reviews is rewarding customers. If you offer something for a review, you may create an incentive to write.

When you just ask people to give feedback it will be a bit tricky. Not many people will be interested in when you don’t offer something for incentives.

Additionally, follow below to learn how to get reviews easily.

How to collect reviews: 🚻

  1. Make it easy for customers to leave a review. 
  2. Optimize content
  3. Create incentives
  4. Choose the right moments for reviews
  5. Ask open-ended questions first
  6. Respond to all reviews both positive and negative
  7. Share positive ones you’ve already received
Conversion optimization
Conversion optimization

5. Offer payment flexibility

Payments play an important role in determining the e-commerce conversion rate. Try to put easy options that are suitable for everyone to complete the process.

If you offer a few payment options, you may lose customers and decrease conversions by making them switch to a different bank, credit card.

Accepting various options for making payments can be good for business. Options can be payment plans, using credit/debit cards, online payments, checks, cash, money orders, cashiers checks, automatic withdrawals or western.

Many B2B firms require to submit complex forms. That is not a good choice.

People will be bored with filling all information that is not required and it will also take much time. As they walk away, conversion rates will be affected to decrease.

In fact, 45% of B2B buyers will be much happier to make a purchase when they have an effective checkout experience.

6. Use product videos

Now let’s talk about product videos. Are you ready to know why product videos are one of the greatest tools for increasing conversion rates? Product videos help to reach out to both potential and existing clients.

They can easily encourage people and build trust. Consumers are always a bit skeptical and they fear fraud.

Videos present your product in a communicative form and solve possible issues like lack of trust.

 As an end goal increasing conversion rate will lead to increasing sales accordingly.

Zappo has used product videos for its brand. As a result, it has successfully increased sales by 6% to 30% on the product page.

Make sure these are ok for raising the conversion rate for e-commerce

  • Videos are in clear definition to draw a high level of engagement
  • Powerful story videos do not exceed 60 seconds
  • Focus on being brief and concise
  • Avoid unnecessary long stories
  • Give a message that is informative, amusing or both
  • Evoke a specific emotion
  • Add Call to action at the end of the video

7. Perform A/B testing

A/B testing is one of the key things in conversion optimization. It is intertwined with all points mentioned previously. A/B test is used to test CTA, the quality of the video or product image.

You should calculate A/B test by changing all the points CTA, the quality of the video, product image one by one It is not correct to do them at the same time.

Because it won’t give you proper results. Otherwise, you can determine which one caused the lift in sales by comparing different versions of each variable.

In this way, you‘ll know which one is more effective and drive more conversions for the business.


Now you have a few ideas about e-commerce conversion rate optimization. Raise conversion rate through this quick 7-point checklist.

  • Image optimization
  • Well-written description
  • Clear call to action
  • Evidence of support
  • Payment options
  • Video marketing
  • A/B testing

What additional tips do you have for increasing website conversion Feel free to comment below ✍🏻

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