How to Improve Customer Experience?

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    Narmina Balabayli January 11, 2020

Customers have so much power to influence your business success more than ever, thanks to the substantial development of the world wide web. They have tons of choices to buy a desired product or service from the competitors if anything they dislike about your brand.

Since countless competitors try to “steal” your customers, you need to take the customer experience issue personally and invest all you can. 

💥 As the president of the e-Tailing Group, Lauren Freedman says:

“Although your customers won’t love you if you give bad service, your competitors will.”

If you implement the right strategy to improve customer experience, then your only limit is the sky! 

Sit back; we are about to take a short journey to learn how to improve customer experience 🚀.

Why Customer Experience is Crucial?

If you have read our previously published blogs, you already know that customer experience is an essential factor for business growth that you cannot afford to ignore. 

customer experience

📌 Groove carried research with the participation of more than 1500 companies. 

The results were stunning. Companies whose main focus was customer experience had an 11% higher conversion rates on their websites.

Also, providing an excellent customer experience makes it easy to retain the existing customers:

Tempkin group insights show that people who received great customer experience are 86% more likely to repurchase from a company.

McKinsey research found out that companies who prioritize improving customer experience, result in a 10-15% revenue increase and 15-20% lower costs.

Moreover, creating brand loyalty is one of the main reasons to improve customer experience besides making more profit, increasing conversion rates, and reducing churn

You need to make sure that your customers appreciate your product and service, give positive feedback, recommend your company to friends, and more. 

Before getting customer experience, let’s quickly look at improving customer service and user experience.

Enhance customer service

Did you know that 65% of people value customer service over the prices?

Knowing that fact, it is time to take real action. 🔥

It would be better if you focus on improving customer service rather than reducing prices to acquire new customers and retain the existing ones.

Here are simple yet powerful tips you should focus on while delivering customer service:

  1. Strengthen your customer service skills;
  2. Improve your customer service strategy;
  3. Make sure your representatives are well-trained;
  4. Ask your company’s customers to provide feedback.

As you can see, those customer service skills are easy to achieve with the right implementations and training of representatives.

Let’s look at the improvement of UX Design before getting to elaborate on the customer experience.

Improve UX design

Customer experience (CX) is made up of customer service (CS) and user experience (UX). 

CX stands for the overall interaction between customers and your product, system, or service, whereas customer service defines your company’s organizational support.

UX design is about the feeling users get while experiencing your product or service. 

You should design your website, including the product features in a way that your customers can easily adopt.

PS: we are about to talk about the customer experience, so keep reading 😊

To enhance the UX design, you can follow the quick suggestions before.

  1. Practice prune vocabulary
  2. Design a website that is easy to navigate
  3. Launch multichannel approach

How to Enhance Customer Experience? 

Finally, we have come to how to implement the tips mentioned above.

If we combine what you have read now, we can achieve an improvement in customer experience. 

❗️Strength your company’s customer service skills.

Representatives should:

  • Have enough knowledge about your product to guide the customer and answer them sufficiently. 
  • Show empathy and patience. The representatives should understand the customers’ needs and requests. Also, they need to have an image that they are eager to help the customers. 
  • Use positive language. It would be great if there are feelings attached to the communication. 
  • Try to communicate clearly. Avoiding technical words as much as possible helps customers to understand reps’ solutions and suggestions. 

❗️Improve your customer service strategy

  • You can create online communities or/and Facebook groups to show that your company values its customers. Such kind of environments let the customers experience your product and service in-depth and more casual way.
  • Try to be available so that your customers can reach you whenever they want. A good answer period is estimated to be within 5 minutes. Live chats and video calls are excellent tools for instant contacts. 
  • Furthermore, get personal to let your customers feel that they are talking to real people instead of bots and FAQs. Bots – automatic replies are good openings to start a conversation. As the conversation continues, it would be great if a person replies.

❗️Make sure your representatives are well-trained

  • Invest in improving rep engagement so your customers can have an excellent experience;
  • Enhance the representatives’ interaction and service skills, as mentioned above.

❗️Ask your customers to provide feedback

  • Ask customers at the end of live and video chats to fill customer satisfaction surveys and rate your service.
  • Use your online community or Facebook group as a place for customers for product or feature suggestions;
  • Analyze survey and rate results; identify reasons. Based on those reasons, see what your customer service is lagging. 
  • When the customers perceive that your company cares about service, they will keep working with you.
customer experience

❗️Practice prune vocabulary

  • Try not to use technical terms. You need to use a language that can communicate the users easily. 

❗️Design a website that is easy to navigate

  • Organize your pages and categories in a way that can be easily found by the visitors. For instance, place a product or service pricing on the top of your website, so it is easy to reach. 
  • Create content that allows your visitors to find whatever they need i.e., placing contact form or FAQ on the landing page. 
  • Make design simple, so that it is not hard to find certain buttons, etc. Try to use a minimalistic approach to stay away from distracting visions. 

By following our suggestions, anyone can dabble in a company’s customer experience💪🏽! 

Bottom Line

By creating a good strategy and investing in customer service, UI/UX design will surely improve customer experience. 

Set your goal, implement the tactics mentioned above, analyze the results in every period of time, you will rock the customer experience in the market!

What are your suggestions regarding customer experience? Have you tried any tips stated-above? Let us know by commenting below! Remember, sharing is caring. 😉

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