Connect and Capterra to your Nextsale account and create Social Proof

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    Goran Ćulibrk February 11, 2021

Nextsale integration with

We are happy to announce that we have added another round of review integrations to Nextsale. Following the previous release (ICYMI more information here) containing the integration to some of the most popular review platforms, our team worked hard on adding even more platforms.

This week follows three new platforms that you can select from.

Nextsale integration with
Nextsale integration with

Stamped is one of the oldest and most popular product review platforms in the Shopify ecosystem.

Stamped provides you with a wide range of options to collect reviews from your customers, email, SMS or using Facebook Messenger. However, their true power comes from the powerful features that let you customize review requests. You can create custom forms to fit your products or offer a writing assistant to make the review experience a breeze for your customers.

As usual, you can connect your Stamped account with Nextsale at our Integrations page in our dashboard.

To learn more, you can check out our help center with a detailed guide on how can you use Stamped integration to drive your sales.

Nextsale integration with Capterra
Nextsale integration with Capterra


Capterra is a de facto standard for companies and brands when it comes to reviews. As their tagline suggests, Find better software now, they allow companies and individuals to look up other companies and brands before making purchase decisions.

The thing that makes Capterra stand out in the crowd is that all of the reviews are verified and added by real humans.

Head out to our Help Center to find detailed instructions about adding Capterra reviews to your website.

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