Add product reviews to social proof notifications

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    Goran Ćulibrk January 5, 2021

Add product reviews to social proof notifications

During the past year, one of the most asked questions about Nextsale was “Is it possible to show product reviews in social proof notifications?”. More and more of our customers were asking support for that question.

Do you know that 4 out 5 customers (Stackla – Bridging the Gap) are influenced by Store’s User Generated content when they make purchasing decisions? Also, products with only 1 product review can increase sales by 10% while 200 reviews can increase sales up to 44%.

Product reviews are a powerful social proof tool that gives your potential customers trust and real-life experience from people who previously purchased your products. Based on other people’s experiences, your potential customers can understand your product better, make the decision more precisely, and buy from your store.

All these reasons were strong motivators to combine Product Reviews with proven results of our Social Proof notifications.

We are happy to announce that in our latest update, we created integrations with 5 of the most popular review apps on Shopify Marketplace:

We are providing product and brand-specific types of review integrations.

Product-specific integrations

Product-specific integrations are pulling product reviews from the most popular apps in this category:

1. is one of the top-ranked Shopify apps, they power the product reviews for thousands of online merchants.

Example of product review

2. Yotpo Reviews provides you with data-driven tools to make it simple for your customers to give their feedback about your products.

Brand-specific integrations

In this category, we are pulling reviews from the most popular platforms where users can post their reviews about the brand or company.

  1. Trustpilot – An open platform to companies and consumers everywhere.
  2. ResellerRating platform is focused on collecting reviews about your store
  3. – Read and write genuine reviews.

Combining Product reviews with other notifications

If you combine product reviews with recent sales or activity notifications, you will easily build trust with visitors to your website and increase the exposure of your products.

What’s next?

To get started, simply sign in to your Nextsale account and select the platform on our integrations page.

If you don’t have an account yet, sign up now, and don’t forget to schedule a Knowledge session with one of our co-founders.

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