8 SEO Tips to Boost Google Search Rank in 2019

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    Samra Mammadli August 30, 2019

Boost Google Rank with SEO tips


Search Engine Optimization does take time…

Sometimes it can be a bit frustrating when you don’t see the results fast. But don’t worry! Getting the highest Google rank requires some steps to follow. As there is no exact time to reach the desired place, you need to be patient. What if you don’t know the SEO tips that will lead you to SUCCESS, what is going to happen? You need to learn all the tricks for being the top among other e-commerce sites with the same platform. When you have a lack of knowledge about SEO tips, you’ll miss out revenue/sales in your business as well. Follow this ultimate guide for reaching the highest Google rank. Here you will find useful tactics for stepping up in SEO game and boost sales for your business 💰

You should rank #1 in SEO engine.

For ranking higher & acquire the brand trust as the top website, let’s dive in and begin from scratch.

Importance of SEO ranking
Importance of SEO ranking

What is SEO?

What is SEO is a common question for many people. Search means Big Traffic 😎😱

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. When you search something on Google it always shows the best results first. SEO divides into two parts:

On-page SEO & Off-page SEO

On-page SEO simply depends on your control. It includes meta descriptions, title tags, URL structure, content, internal link, image descriptions, etc. On-page SEO considers what your site is about. But, Off-page SEO is not in your control. That is why it makes things a bit harder. This one includes blog/forums, link building, video, social media & other things that make your site more popular. If you do all the below factors properly, it will really work.

Below are the SEO ranking factors. In case you could successfully add them all, you can get a really high Google rank.

Feeling excited after boosting Google rank
Feeling excited after boosting Google rank 🙂

SEO ranking factors 🔎

1. Keywords for SEO

If you don’t know there is a Google rank by keyword term. Search for the exact keywords you can use in your content. There are some tools for finding them. You can simply do it on Google by searching the word you are looking for or use Ubersuggest, Buzzsumo, etc.

A keyword is part of a search engine. These tools will help you to find the SEO ranked keywords for the contents. However, there are some other factors than the keyword. They are even more significant: the UX, website speed, backlinks, etc. But if your content doesn’t contain anything valuable for people it will not get a Google rank. Even you use keywords many times, this will not affect the situation.

2. Link Building

Link Building has the biggest impact on SEO. If you don’t know what it means, it is a practice of raising the number of links from famous sources. You do it by pointing to your URL that is called a referring link or backlink. This strategy is the best and #1 factor that found to help boost Google rank. Google takes this feature into consideration while choosing what results to show.

6 important steps in link building.

  • Know your target audience
  • Make a list of websites that are interesting for them
  • Write awesome content
  • Match it to websites
  • Write an email to site owners
  • Use Social media to enlarge your traffic with content

If you follow these steps you will have a chance to get ranked by Google. Although it is still quite hard to reach the websites but if you have a good backlink portfolio you have a chance 🙂 It is because Google will consider you as a trustworthy site that has some credibility. But also there are some chances that you may get links from spammy websites or low-ranking ones. These would definitely hurt you more than it helps. At last, if you consider link building as the way to reach out to other sites for increasing visitors, then you are in the right way.

3. Focus on Content

Make your content somehow related to your website. Don’t write about everything, focus on one niche and write something super 🙂

Compare other blogs on google that are similar to yours and search what you haven’t included to your content. If you still need to add some details, do it immediately. Additionally, you can use the google console for searching the SEO ranking keywords and gather all long-tail keywords( sentences) in your content. This will definitely gather targeted traffic and help you boost rank.

Google rank
Google rank

4. Avoid duplicate Content

You can use some SEO tools as rank checkers (such as siteliner )to analyze your content. It is for checking your site for the possibility of any identical content. If you find something that is duplicated by mistake then you can delete it. Or it will be much easier to change the words by keeping the same idea for avoiding copy. When you optimize your site content you can develop your SEO standing for ranking.

High Google rank
Avoid copy for high Google rank

5. Title tag & meta description

Do you know the title tag and meta description? Have you ever noticed them? When you do search on Google, there is a link in the top which is the title tag. The text below is the meta description. Imagine you search for Social Proof tools in google, but you don’t see that word in the meta description, would you click that link? Exactly NO. So, make sure to include the keyword in the title to the meta description as well and keep it simple. Readers should understand what is your article about. Also, it is limited to 160 characters. Write something attractive that will make people click 🙂

High rank with Meta Descriptions
High Google rank with right Meta Descriptions

Title tags are crucial

This a short description mainly contains 55-60 symbols about your store. Title tags are in 3 places:

  • Browser  text you see in the tab when you open a new page
  • Search results main text you see in Google results
  • Social media  when the page is linked it will be considered a “Title” for the content

6. Image alt tags

Image alt tags These are the text that appears in the place of your image when there is an issue about displaying. Writing something for each alt tag is a good thing. Because in case of any problem on your website, visitors can understand pictures with the help of texts.

Google looks at these things as well. They are indexed by Google rank. In other words, we can say that images play some role in the results of the search engine optimization provider. You can get the best results if you name your IMAGE FILES accurately.

7. Website texts

When you start to write the first 100 words are the most important to consider. Use H1 (header) and H2 (subheader) in your articles to be effective for SEO. If you could make your articles in a good structure it will really assist you to acquire SEO traffic. When Google understands what value you want to present in your blogs, then it is a good thing.

Besides, you may get a fresh set of eyes about the real-world with emails. In other words, ask your support team what people are mostly asking about your business. Then gather those words (keywords) in your content.

Product descriptions will help you to improve your SEO positioning in Google rank checking. They are considered the necessary thing for SEO while searching for specific products. There are several factors like internal links, website structure as well as ease of use that you need to take into account. When the person is looking for any product category like dresses/shoes he will mostly look at these factors as well. That is why you should write something awesome by adding them.

8. Long Contents

The longer content you have the better chance you will get in SEO ranking tracking. Of course, it depends on your content. If you can not provide good value for your audience, it is less likely that the traffic to your site will rise. You should always track your old contents and update them regularly. In other words, it is a content upgrade, maybe you can find bls courses. In this way, Google will prefer this page as a long content and boost its ranking. So one day you may be at the top in Google rank.

Final thoughts…

You have to repeat/apply all these factors regularly. Being top in google search doesn’t come from the first attempt. Improvements will come slowly when you do all these things over and over. All small changes will have a big impact on your ranking.

Which SEO ranking factor you use the most for Google rank? Comment your opinions below, please 👇🏻

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