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We are excited and honored to announce that Nextsale has joined 500 Startups Accelerator in Georgia as a part of Batch 1. 

Founded in 2010, 500 Startups is a prestigious Silicon Valley venture capital seed fund and startup accelerator. It puts its effort and emphasis on supporting and training entrepreneurs and startups by accelerator programs, investor education series, and events. 500 has supported more than 2,400 companies or 5,000+ entrepreneurs in 75+ countries globally through entrepreneurship and helped them to create more than $3 billion in value for investors.

500 Startups launched another international accelerator program in Georgia to widen its scope to invite innovative companies from more countries.

500Georgia program calls innovative entrepreneurs to give its full support and welcomes most talented entrepreneurs in the technology-enabled areas from its neighboring countries. So, we are confidently heading to be the one or one of the two companies to participate in an immersion trip to San Francisco after completing our journey in the program. 

In this journey, Nextsale aims to acquire invaluable practices from top domain experts on vital topics such as distribution, design, data, fundraising, and more.

The program has 3 phases: 

In the first stage, there are 2 cohorts, and each has 15-20 startups and companies. This stage focuses on foundations of growth in two-week-lasting boot camp. The boot camp will be followed by eight-weeks-lasting experimentation. Only half of the participants will get a chance to attend the second phase.

In the second phase, the chosen companies will participate in six weeks of intensive training, followed by continued support for up to 12 weeks after completion of the 500Georgia program.

Finally, the top 1-2 companies from each cohort will be selected to participate in an immersion trip to San Francisco.

From week to week, participants will be trained remotely in customer acquisition, metrics, design and UX, fundraising, PR, business development, and more.

Nextsale has come a long way, and still, we haven’t reached our goal. We believe in education, exchanging ideas, and learning from others and give our trust to expertises like 500 Startups whose mission is to uplift entrepreneurs and companies like us to unlock the world’s potential in technologies.

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