6 Tips to Build Customer Loyalty

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    Narmina Balabayli February 3, 2020

In its simplest way, customer loyalty is choosing one brand’s products and services over others. 

Customer loyalty is about the overall expression of customers. It is the value of an experience they perceive alongside the product or service. 

Customer loyalty is a crucial factor in a company’s product and services. For companies, it is easier to sell to loyal and engaged customers rather than new ones.

Customers are the most valuable gain for a company. It may sound harsh, but without them, your company is nothing. LoL. 

I am not kidding. 😐

Imagine this. You hustled for several years and made some profit. But your customers do not come back to your eCommerce website. They made a purchase, and now they are gone. 

You try hard, but they are not loyal. 

Something must be missing. 

Yes. You guessed it right. It is loyalty that is missing. 

How can you earn customer loyalty ❓

In this article, I will give 6 tips to build customer loyalty that results in increasing sales and earning brand image. 

Before going to those tips, let’s look at the importance of customer loyalty. 

customer loyalty

Why should you care about customer loyalty in the first place?

Your ex-customers see you as a person they had once dated. They do not find something that connects you and them anymore. They did business with you once, and now it is gone. 🙃

Even worse, they may share negative opinions about your company. It is like a person talking behind their exes, how the relationship was terrible. 

If you do not give the customers what they want, they would get bored with you, and start looking for another guy – company. 

Customer loyalty is more or less similar to word of mouth but in an online way. 

So, you may need to be careful about your customers. They hugely impact on your eCommerce business image, consequently success. 

How Customer Loyalty Helps Your Business Develop?

Customer loyalty helps your business grow in many ways.

Customer loyalty helps to improve brand image

I would say that Apple Inc. has the most loyal customers in the world. They are so loyal that it almost becomes a cult. 

apple customer loyalty
Apple Inc.

Even, many would call Apple fans “irrationally devoted” or “brainwashed.”

Despite these labels, Apple fans are so “in love” with the products. 

Although it is hard to compete with giants like Apple, you can create your own “fan base.” Once you meet their expectations, needs, and give a unique experience, you will have your own fans – loyal customers.

Customer loyalty helps in saving marketing costs

The reason for saving marketing costs is that it is easier to sell existing customers than new ones.

Again, let’s again think about Apple. Obviously, they do not need advertisements as much as other companies do. 

Once they announced a new product, hundreds of Apple fans stay in line just to purchase as soon as possible. 

If you give a unique product and service experience to your customers, they will expect more from you: new updates, product features, and more. Thus, they will be eager to do business with you.

Customer loyalty provides the word of mouth

When we love a particular product, we can’t help talking about it. It is like “Friends” fans often quoting every conversation from the TV Show, or telling how many times they have watched it. 

Customers remember well when they are treated well or poorly. Thus, when they like your service or product, they will tell others. 

Positively be on their mind.

Taking advantage of word of mouth, you should learn how to improve customer experience and customer service

So far, so good.

Now let’s get into earning customer loyalty. 

How to build customer loyalty?

The first thing you need to know is that customer loyalty is the result of a significant correlation between customer service and user experience. And, these two are makeup customer experience.

When your customers think that you are the best in the market, as Apple fans do, they will be loyal to you. 

So, you need to give a reason for the customers to consider you the best out there. To achieve that, you should have creativity.

To achieve customer loyalty, I will move out of the technical side of service and experience, and talk about creative solutions. 

Know Your Customers

Once your customers understand that you strive to know them, they will be loyal to you.

Collect data about your customers, such as their birth date. 

Everyone loves special treats or small birthday gifts. 

When their birthday comes, send customized mail with special discounts. This shows how your company is attentive to its customers. 

Update Your Customers

If your product or service has some unexpected problems, notify your customers.

Say, there might be a delay in the shipment process, or you may have found a bug in your digital product. 

In this case, you need to inform your customers about the issue and how long the problem may last. 

Besides problems, when your company has a new product, send personalized announcements to your customers.

We – NextSale sends an announcement to our customers when we release a new theme, or launch integration and partnership with companies.

PS: Check out our new Valentine’s Day theme to boost your sales for the upcoming special day😊

By doing this, we show our value to our customers. As in reality, they are valuable to us! 

Give Incentives: Free Offers, Rewards, Bonuses

Repeating buyers are your most loyal customers – so, you need to make sure that they will do business for you continuously.

customer loyalty

Having a bonus system and offering head start are good incentives for customers to come back. 

You can offer a head start as takeaway or coffee shops do. You can use a 1+1 technique, i.e., “get one free for one purchase.”

Or, rewarding your already-loyal customers is also an excellent way to retain loyal customers. For instance, you can give a discount coupon to customers who purchase your product second or third time. 

Moreover, to earn customer loyalty, you need to give free first. 

If you sell digital products, you can offer a free trial. Or, if you sell goods, you can offer free shipping for customers’ first purchase. 

Stamp cards are also a good way for customers to come back for purchase. 

Each stamp for each purchase. Once all the stamps are filled, customers can get something free. 

Punch card is another good idea because consumers – we all love getting free. We would buy something 10 times to get that free one. 

Rewarding loyal customers with a discount or free order will keep them coming back. 

Do Not Be A Robot

Do not be a techno-guy/robot. What I am saying is that, do not use chatbots or automated emails too much.

Customers want feelings attached to their conversations. They want to talk to a person who understands their concern. 

customer loyalty

Do you remember what I said at the beginning of the article? 

Your customer is like a person you are in a relationship. In the conversations, creating emotional connections with your customers is essential. 

Thus, try to avoid technology as much as possible. Or, to put it in another way, use technology more wisely to improve the efficiency of your work rather than to automate every service.

Take Advantage Of Social Proof

Social proof is based on social conformity theory. In brief, it works like this: “if the majority do, then it is the right way; thus, I should do, too.”

You can use social proof in two ways: 


  • Showing how many people have purchased a certain product or service. With popups.

Reaching celebrities or fenomens takes time. Firstly, you need to write several emails or messages in a way that catches attention.

Then, you need to put all your negotiation skills to come to a mutual agreement. 

In the negotiating process, you offer your requirements, and in turn, the celebrities offer their conditions. 

If you do not want to lose your precious time searching for celebrities or fenomens, you can always take advantage of the technology! 😉

Nextsale’s social proof feature is the easiest way to be verified by online users. 

Social proof popup, AKA sales notifications, is used to show visitors the recent purchases. 

Activity popup shows recent activities such as live visitor count, product views, order count, etc.

Social proof makes visitors purchase more confidently – without hesitation or trust issues. 

Be Open To Changes

Show your customers that you want to improve.

For instance, frequent updates to your website or digital product to ease usability is a key factor in the success ladder.

By doing this, you show the customers that updates or service improvements are meant for them. 

Customers mean so much to a company’s success. 

You need to show that you value them.

Considering customer reviews and complaints, and making changes to them is a way to show you are eager to improve. 

Wrap Up

In my digital marketing career, I have always been amazed by how customers change their views about your support and attitude towards them. When you are strategic about your customer service and experience, you will earn brand loyalty. I can assure you that, by applying a good strategy, you will retain customers and gain new ones. 

What do you use to build customer loyalty? Let us know by commenting below.

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