E-commerce: Why product images matter for businesses?

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    Samra Mammadli October 7, 2019

What you will read ✔️

  • Using images to persuade business
  • How best photos should be for better conversions
  • Guidelines of product images for AMAZON 😍
  • How to get product images for e-commerce sites?
  • Final words…

Product images communicate to your traffic and make people stick and explore your websites.

According to Moz’s state of the Searcher Report, it is found that if pages have less than 11% of images in content, get 3% of all clicks. This proves the significance of product photos for SEO.

Product images are engaging and they boost the lifetime value of your customers. However, you can either make or break conversions with them.

It is not enough to show simple images, recently, people are more sophisticated. That is why adjust images specifically for your site, you will keep them to crave for more visuals.

This is good for SEO, so Google will crawl your product images and rank them.

Persuade business by working hard on product images
Persuade business 🤩 by working hard on product images

Using images to persuade business

You can persuade 🤝your customers to do business with you by using great images.

When people see them while product image search they can feel a visual sense of product.

If you are good at showing your products in an engaging way, either with an action or people using that product before you can influence others.

For instance, adding real photos about the working process of any e-commerce business can increase brand perception up to 30%.

Best photos give value to people. To clarify, they contain a deeper meaning and tell a story.

You need to know how best product photos should be if you want better conversions.

How best photos should be for better conversions 💪🏻

These are the 6 criteria ✅ you need to keep in mind when adding product images for e-commerce business.

By following you will catch the reasons for adding images in e-commerce and how they make products great.

  • 1. Set goal
  • 2. Prefer high quality
  • 3. Make memorable
  • 4. Optimize images
  • 5. Be unique
  • 6. Use shareable images

1. Set goal 💡

Before you choose a photo, identify your goal. Your imagery and goals of the project should combine together. It will definitely help you to achieve success.

2. Prefer high quality

It’s no surprise that people prefer high-quality images. People are visual beings, and the more quality you put into image, the higher the chances are your visitors will make a purchase.

So, it is good to spend some amount of budget to make high-quality images.

3. Make memorable

Choose a super-memorable image. You can easily make the photos to stick in viewers’ subconscious by focusing on design, color effects.

Don’t manipulate photos for making it memorable. It is enough to choose one for telling your story.

Memorable product images stick to people's head
Memorable product images stick to people’s head 🧠

4. Optimize images

Add missing and improve existing alt tags of images. It’s good to follow HTML standards for both SEO 🔍 and accessibility.

In this way, Google can understand better what is on your image and if the user has disabled images, or can’t see properly, it can read alt tags. Good naming and alt tags reflect search visibility.

5. Be unique 💎

When you use an image in your blog post that feels too generic, that is what we say “stocky”. Stock images are quick solutions for websites. But they can make your product look non-creative.

They are cliched ones like the photo of shaking hands that we see almost in all corporate websites. If yours is like that, try to avoid it or make it unique according to your concept.

6. Use shareable images

Test publishing your blog posts with and without images. Surely, the posts’ share-ability on media depends on its image attractiveness, context, and format. You can gauge analytics by experimenting on different images like smaller, larger or no images in blog posts.

Guidelines of product images for AMAZON

Requirements differ according to what kind of product it is.

  1. all white background for product images
  2. showing the main product or detailed images with all sides of it
  3. highlighting the unique parts ( natural, organic, color) of a product with graphic photo
  4. showing products’ usefulness and practicality with a lifestyle image

How to get product images for e-commerce sites?

  • Creating an image that is the combination of older products or is in less difference than others
  • Finding the product in stores and photographing it
  • Showing an item’s schematic drawings to have an idea about what people are buying

Final words…

E-commerce product photos are critical to success.

Successful images will heat up conversion rates by keeping your customers come back and take any action.

Be sure to optimize them for both speed and search engines.

I hope this article gave you some ideas and was useful about using product images.

👉 What are some of the best e-commerce product photos you’ve seen before? 🤔

Let me know your feedback or tips in comments ⬇️

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