3 Ways to Build Trust in Social Proof Marketing

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    Samra Mammadli September 9, 2019

Build Trust with Social Proof

You want to run a successful business ?! Focus on influencing your customers’ purchase decisions. Read this article and learn 3 major ways in Social Proof Marketing to grab visitors’ attention and convert them into real buyers. You can identify the future of your business from now 🙂

Boosting sales depends on these 3 factors that lead to strengthening the trust between you & customers. Social Proof Marketing should be a hot topic when we talk about customer trust. You have to make it a necessary part of your marketing strategy! So first let’s know the advantages of this term altogether😁

The Advantages of Social Proof Marketing

Social Proof offers great value to the business owners who want to get success. It doesn’t make people buy the products, but simply underline the field of sales. With social proof, you can also get the necessary information. Otherwise, it would be difficult to acquire it especially if it is online. There are 3 advantages:

  • Trust Due to customer anxiety many businesses fail now. That is why it will be great and beneficial if you display customer reviews.
  • Excitement Real and online stores are different from each other. Sometimes people prefer the real store experience. Therefore, if you want to recreate the same atmosphere, you should work hard.
  • Community By deeply analyzing & applying social proof into your business you may achieve the desired goal. That will help you to own loyal customers. Unfortunately, it is not that straightforward to achieve it. You need to develop a perfect relationship between your business and your customers. Social proof is one of the best marketing tools that help to track the whole process quickly.

Establish Credibility With 3 Ways🔗

1. Scarcity

If there is a product that is in a higher value, people will have the most attention on it. In other words, the rarer the product is, the more people will want to purchase it. Actually, it doesn’t matter what the product is. It can be either an expensive mobile phone or the last bread at the bakery. So people will perceive these products as the rare one and they won’t want to lose the opportunity of buying it.

Urgency / Fear of Missing Out
Urgency / Fear of Missing Out

Several thriving brands use phrases as Scarcity. For example ‘’last day to grab 80% discount’’ or  ‘’only 2 pieces left’’ always attract customers. (See Nextsale demo page 👈 for impressions) To clarify, when you use this technique you can motivate people to remind them what they can lose in case of not buying. This is a kind of belief among people. They think if it is hard to get any product means it is in good quality. That is why brands need to present Urgency or Fear of Missing Out to trigger traffic to take action quickly and be a customer of online business.

Methods of Urgency

Follow these methods and learn how to trigger customers’ purchasing decisions:

  • Limited Number It shows the product will not be available again as it is a limited number or out of stock.
  • Limited Time When the product is available for a limited period.
  • Competitions Sense of competition is always a good trigger to start using any service. If people around you are interested in purchasing something, you will also want it. You can mainly use this method during auctions or bids.

2. Authority

Consumers always look for experts for the best advice and tips. Imagine a famous person who has given positive feedback about online service/product as an influencer. People will have an interest in that product and want to purchase it. Therefore, it will take the attention of visitors who come to your website. Whenever you get positive feedback from someone try to display it on your website to show everyone. Boost your sales by putting real feedback on pricing or landing page.

Besides, you can represent your brand with the help of celebrities, sports players or anyone that your target audience trusts the most.

3. Social Proof

We always observe others, it doesn’t matter what they are doing. If you find that they are also doing the same thing as you do, you will have a sense of satisfaction. This strategy applies to consumers as well. When they don’t know what to do, they observe others and repeat their actions. Brands can easily boost sales and increase conversions with this strategy.

Increase conversions by making people happy 🙂
Increase conversions by making people happy 🙂

Endorsements and reviews from customers are always helpful. They are an example of social proof. When you use them, you can influence targeted traffic & convert them into sales.

Even studies show that almost 90% of customers prefer to read reviews before making any decisions about purchasing. To attract all these people, some companies show their list of satisfied users as well as a number of products that are sold. These all are Social Proof. You can pitch new buyers with social proof. Another way to add social proof is to display notifications about recent purchases on your website. This is a sales notification tool that triggers your sales to increase. If you use all these things effectively, you can take advantage of targeted trafficpeople love your online service or products.

Social Proof with Reviews & Endorsements :)
Social Proof with Reviews & Endorsements 🙂


You can start to build a great customer relationship to get their trust by knowing these 3 important takeaways. Learn them and apply to your business. You will easily build a trustworthy brand with the help of these factors. Also, when you use a language that customer gets it quickly, you can sell more 🙂

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