Low Trust & High Bounce. How to solve it? Backed by science

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    Samra Mammadli August 4, 2019

High Bounces

Importance of Trust in online business

Trust is one of the most challenging things to earn and the easiest to break. It is life or death for your business if you are newly starting to build your brand. Besides, it has a necessary role in gaining the eCommerce trust of prospective customers and attracting new ones. The situation becomes much more difficult due to the reason that you have to persuade your online service to people you have never met. So, what should you do when it comes to building trust? If customers believe your online service they will always come to purchase from the best. At first, you need to begin by lowering a bounce rate. Without doing it, you can’t convert traffic into real purchasers. Read this article and learn easily how to build credibility by knowing what is a good bounce rate for new online stores.

Ecommerce trust issue in online business
Trust issue in online business

What is the Bounce Rate?

In every online business, there are two main issues that are always connected with each other. One of them is trust as it is already known, the other is bounce rate. It is important to have a balance for each. Somebody comes to your website and leaves without using your service. That is terrible, right? That is exactly about the bounce rate. You should deal with it to increase sales of conversions. This percentage of people that come and automatically leave realizes the success of your business. To clarify, this rate is the indicator of a poor business model. If it is higher then it is quite worse for the business. The higher the bounce rate means the lower sales your business is going to do. Therefore, it is already a big issue for online businesses.

What is bounce rate?📊
What is the bounce rate?📊

What is a Good Bounce Rate for SEO? Average Bounce Rate

It is necessary to know the answer to this question. Although it depends on the industries as well as the content you have, it will be useful to know the exact figures for a good rate. A good bounce rate depends on the type of your website. Of course, it is difficult to keep it stable all the time. For retail sites, it is basically 20%-40% and simple landing pages account for 70%-90% for a good rate. Content sites are between 40%-60% for a good rate.

The general rule for the average bounce rates:

  • 20% or below is an error. (could be due to duplicate analytics code, not correctly implemented events tracking, etc.)
  • 30 – 50% is excellent
  • 50 – 70% is average
  • 70 – 80% is poor
  • 80%+ is very bad

How to solve the Low Trust & High Bounce issue? Tips ✔️

You might consider being honest the only way to get a good relationship with customers. In fact, you should go beyond building basic credibility. Because in all cases, honesty is something that people expect. But if your attitude is at a higher level than their expectation it means you are in the right way for the future of your eCommerce. It is not easy to make everyone believe in your business. They somehow always have some skepticism and lack of trust in using an online service or products. This lack of trust leads to a high rate of bounce. That is why for a successful future bounce and trust issues should be adjusted with a balance. To solve the low trust&high bounce you can follow these easy tips 💡

Optimize Call to Action

People decide whether they like the website or not from the first glance. It can be for many reasons. You should analyze what they are looking at most. So that you can optimize that area most. This will be one of the best ways to get success by lowering the rate of people’s leaving. If you are honest with your call to action you may convert targeted traffic into real customers and boost sales. Try to provide quality service, people will trust you in this case. If you build trust and reduce doubt they won’t leave. Otherwise, you will get a high rate and low conversions.

Improve the website’s speed

The first couple of seconds are necessary for customers. They always take into account little things like the loading speed of the website. If there are many problems in your site, this will lead to a lack of trust in people. Therefore, if you want to have a good page and improve a lack of trust as well as lower the bounce rate, develop the speed of your site.

A/B testing

When the headline, as well as the call to action, don’t work focus on doing A/B testing. Try to do the tests for each page that is with different content strategies and see how they perform. A/B test will assist you to avoid all the unnecessary risks. By doing this test, you will prevent the low trust issue & the problem of people’s leaving the website without using your service.

Engage the Audience

You can use videos to engage with the audience. Because they are more attractive than images or anything else. They can be effective if you use them in a Fullscreen type as a background. Besides, you can add it to your call to action. If you still have a problem with engaging with an audience maybe it is about what you provide.

Carefully defining your online service is one of the necessary things that you should think beforehand. If you do it wrong your business won’t be successful. Choose the category of products that are more likely to generate sales and interests of people. If they love what you provide, you may directly engage with them. In this way, you will know your audience and could prevent any potential low trust issue. If you prevent this problem, visitors to your website won’t leave automatically. So you may decrease the high bounce issue as well.

High-Quality images

If you want to decrease the high rate use images as one of the other tips. Many popular websites use Fullscreen, high-quality images to make their site effectively. And it does work. Because it makes people have a strong idea of what your online service looks like. That is why it will create trust. Even companies like Google use high-quality images on their pages. Before companies like that were famous with a plain background as well as minimalist layouts. If you could achieve to reduce the lack of trust it will assist to lower high rate problem.

Can Bounce Rate affect website ranking from the SEO point? 🔍

If your website is difficult to use because of the reasons for reducing time and high rate then it will affect its ranking as well. Time reducing on viewing pages and sites is so annoying that people take into account. Everybody thinks the bounce rate is a measurement that a user spends on your page. But in fact, it is not like that. You may have a good website at a high rate. It actually doesn’t measure the time spent on this site. There are two implications about this controversy:

Search engine optimization 🔍
Search engine optimization 🔍

First, the bounce rate is not a that bad thing. The result of a high rate could be a mismatch between keywords and content. Another reason is if you are an informational page like Wikipedia. People to the site and after finding what they are looking for, they leave the site. That is why if you optimize the rate it doesn’t really mean that you improve the quality of the website. Second, if you focus deeply on reducing this rate and turning pages into two, then you may confuse your customers. In other words, if they see a website in a mess way they will not prefer to stay.


The key takeaway of this article is that the bounce rate is still something you need to consider. Even it doesn’t hugely affect your website’s ranking, but you should understand it for improving. If the rate is higher it may lead to some obstacles such as user experience in the business. In the case of lowering it, you may develop SEO problems as well as and boost sales by raising your number of sales.

Do you have problems with a high bounce rate? What have you done to solve the trust issue in your business? Comment it below ⤵️

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