Social Proof 2019: 4 Ways to Increase Conversions with it

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    Samra Mammadli June 27, 2019

4 ways to Increase conversions

Effect of Social Proof for long-term success

Now we can’t imagine our life without media. Even many people have started their work on the media. It is important to know some tools like Social Proof for starting a successful online business. In case of a lack of information about ways to bring customers then the business won’t be alive for long period. Now there are lots of ads in the business and it is normal if customers haven’t still seen yours. There are two sides to the process. One is about how to pull traffic to your website. The second is to keep them to rise the business. It is all about Social Proof 🗣 You need to pay attention and focus on Social Proof effect if you want to grow as a new online business.

Importance of User-Generated Content

We live in a world where information is overloaded. Due to the vast number of products in the business, both customers and companies find it challenging to be alive on the platform. Using the countless level of media for a day makes customers confused in their choices. That is why it is important to have good content. User-generated content will lead the business to a successful future. That is what customers are looking for as Social Proof. Having Social Proof will help to encourage potential customers to a business. It is because if they see the real comments of previous users of the product it will encourage them to trust the business. People may completely understand everything with the help of reviews, clear content and even questions.  If they trust business it will be the impact of Social Proof.

  • That is why considering all the effects of social proof think about using it. In this way, you will likely increase the conversion of your business and grow. Sometimes, some businesses already know effects on the business but don’t know how to correctly use for the best result.
  • It is possible to raise the conversion rate of sales with Social Proof in your business. All you need to follow these ways. These are some of them:

Steps to follow 👇

1. Real-Time Statistics If you are being honest and use real statistics this will let you have social proof of your business. Real statistics can be like: how many people have done a purchase or viewed your pages etc.

2. Customer Testimonials This is the best way to increase conversions in the business. It is because people always believe in the recommendations of others and importantly, experts say it is almost 70%. Even if they don’t know these people. Also, It is said that 92 % of people trust their peers. 👥 For instance, Amazon, the greatest online retailer displays customer reviews for every product.

3. Celebrity Endorsements
If you want to prove the value of a business, celebrities or experts are the first people to address. To clarify, they will present your brand with an endorsement which is one of the best ways to increase conversions in sales.

4. Case Studies
It is good if there is a case study section on the site of your business. So people will trust the idea behind these case studies. The data of these studies are earned from real long processes, reviews what makes them reliable for customers.

Increase conversions & boost sales with Social Proof
Increase conversions & boost sales with Social Proof

5 Types of Social Proof you can use

If you still don’t know more information about Social Proof and its types, make sure to follow this section of the article. Social Proof could be in different types. They may be from other customers, experts, celebrities, friends, etc. If you apply them to your business, it is possible to acquire more.

  • Customers
    If the existing customers’ review products and are honest, consequently, it will encourage potential ones to your business. It will be social proof from customers as testimonial or case studies.
  • Experts
    People always believe in professionals. They are more credible and considered the best in the industry. In addition, if there is any review from them, customers will take into account.
  • Influencers or Celebrities
    As it seems clear from the names, they are people who can influence customers and similarly, encourage them to be potential.
  • Friends
    If there are some friends of website visitors so they can recommend your site or business to people around them.
  • Certifications
    Specific certificates related to your business will make your business/startup/product more reliable, therefore, it is the best way to acquire customer trust.

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