How often have you immediately forgotten all the studied materials right after you gave an exam on those materials? Happened to most of us, I believe. 

But, let me initially tell you a brief story. Once, Kurt Lewin, a well-known psychologist, went for launch to a restaurant with his students, among whom Bluma Zeigarnik also was. While sitting in there, the psychologist addressed the waiter asking him to remember unfinished orders which were to be completed. The waiter could exactly name all the unpaid orders and the clients they had to be prepared for. And then, the psychologist asked him to… 
If you read the story and want to know what happened next, then we could catch you by a Zeigarnik hook!

Still, let’s see what happened next. 

The Kurt Lewin then asked the waiter to do the same but with the finished orders. And here, the waiter could not remember any of the completed orders.  This put Bluma Zeigarnik into question, which gave birth to the Zeigarnik effect.

So what is it
You know the reason why you are impatiently waiting for the next episodes of your favorite TV series, (maybe Game of Thrones?). Obviously, curiosity. So, curiosity is one of the emotions evoked by the Zeigarnik effect.
Thus, the Zeigarnik effect is directly related to the state of “incompleteness”. That feeling of slight discomfort, right? And the information that is incomplete tends to be more memorable right until the period when the intriguing issue is resolved.

How to use it in Marketing  
We know what the effect is, and now we should understand how to use it in order to engage with the audience. 

  • E-mail marketing –  send the email messages to your customers, building a Zeigarnick effect among them, from one to the next. 
  • Social Media – use the effect on your Social Posts. It can be everything – story divided between several posts, riddles without the answers, etc. 
  • Advertising – promote your products by showing its biggest advtantanges and create an effect around them.
  • Data – use the data available concerning your customers’ spheres of interests to place your ads in the right places at the right time in order to grab their closest attention 

Remembered now how many times you were caught by the Zeigarnick effect? 

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