Do you still remember random stories told by your university teachers? Weren’t they more entertaining than most of the lectures? Yeah, that’s our topic here – storytelling. As its name suggests it is an act of creating a narrative about the brand or its products
Let’s view how it works. Facts and statistics constitute only a rational part of our knowledge, which do not even affect our emotions and, therefore, do not stick to our minds.  But, storytelling is the other side of the coin. When people start telling you, say, facts from their personal experiences, they evoke your interest, therefore, affecting your feelings and hormones, making you build empathy and trust towards them as well as stay focused on the story.

“Leaders won’t be heard unless they’re telling stories,” says the president and founder of Public Words, Nick Morgan.

Well, some of you are already familiar with a journalist Rob Walker and his project Significant Objects, which helped him resell inexpensive items ordered from eBay at a huge markup.  And the secret behind these successful sales is quite straightforward. Walker agreed with writers and created stories about items. This is exactly what let him sell an object bought for $0.99 from eBay for $62,95! Impressing, huh?  

 No doubt, storytelling is a powerful tool which marketers can use for their best and add enormous value to a product. Therefore, if you want your sales to grow, your ads to be noticed or simply presentation to stay retained in minds of listeners just create stories

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