Use Social Proof tools for selling on Shopify in 2019

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What is Social Proof?

Various influences affect us in our entire period of life. These influences can be around us.

Impacts come from our family members, friends, neighbors or even celebrities. These people can affect our tastes, views and, therefore, choices.

Before deciding on a purchase, for instance, selling on Shopify tend to address them to get a piece of advice. It is because we believe them for reliable sources of information. This happens because of a concept known as Social Proof.

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behavior for a given situation. Therefore, many online businesses use this tool as a growth strategy. They apply reviews, contents as social proof.

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Selling with social proof
Selling with social proof

Drive traffic for selling on Shopify

“Man is a social being; it’s not surprising we love social proofs, it sells brands fast” ― Bernard Kelvin Clive

This is exactly the reason why we ask for a recommendation and read many reviews before purchasing a particular product.

Social Proof convinces us of the previous user of the product. It is also a good way to increase selling on Shopify.

Many store owners, retailers should apply it. It shows that real customers have tested the trending products on the site so that we can also obtain it.

Social proof gives the feeling to get the product without fear of disappointment. When people see the reviews or any certificate they feel secure. Therefore, people who visit the site stay there and use the service.

In a consumer study conducted by the folks at BrightLocal, they found that 88% of consumers read online customer reviews to determine if a local business is good. If they satisfy buy the product so the online store boosts sales in Shopify.

How to use it? 🤔

Due to this, companies can add reviews graph, social proof popups and other convincing tools to provide a particular assurance to the viewers, thus, making them feel themselves more confident when making a decision on a purchase.

There are some specific apps for Shopify stores that the goal is to increase Social Proof.

Many online businesses, stores use social proof apps to boost sales for selling on Shopify.

This mainly belongs to top Shopify stores. It assists them to grow bigger and get eCommerce growth.

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