10 Ideas To Boost Sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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    Samra Mammadli October 29, 2019

Get inspiration and real help for Black Friday

Two biggest shopping days of the year: Black Friday and Cyber Monday are almost around.

These days, all people start to spend a lot of money. Every business owner offers Black Friday deals and wants to catch people into his business.

So, if you want to get your voice heard, offer something different 🤩 Doing the same things as your competitors won’t let you alive.

Even many hate these days, but store owners are the happiest who increase their profits 💸 It is because society is ready to buy a lot of things on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

That is why start thinking about promotions, discounting, campaigns that you will do to get success in your business these days….

But wait, before doing anything learn some hacks for 🧩 Black Friday 2019 deals.

Black Friday 2019 hacks 💡

Make sure to know what is your promotional activity and what you are going to sell:

  • Promotions 🎁-offer gifts, free shipping, bundles as promotions. With bundles, you can earn more money, or clear your inventory by coupling products into one offer.
  • Once you decided your promotional activities, make sure you have banners, countdown timers and other tools to trigger people. There are tons of useful platforms like Nextsale (see below) that provides life-saving tools. This is what you need for upcoming “deals day”. It has a free plan which is great if your store has a small number of visitors.
  • Create a specific collection of all the products you have for sale. Rather than make people figure out what product is on sale, you can do things easier. They will click to the collection and see all the products that are on sale.
  • Email 📧- send emails to your customers from the days before Black Friday. On Black Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Cyber Monday send two emails to your customers and prospective ones. It is because people will get a lot of marketing messages about any e-commerce business. Don’t forget to send them some updates and reminders about your offers and remind your e-commerce by considering both am and pm timing.
  • DPA- Dynamic product ads, do this advertising by including all Black Friday deals included products. Advertise this to both loyal and new customers as a Black Friday target.

Now you are on multichannel marketing for Black Friday. You have done email and advertising. The last one is ⬇️

  • Social Media-post all your products with deals on social media, it doesn’t matter how many followers you have. Do it 2-3 times a day on all social networking sites you have. This is to make sure that there is no chance your customers won’t see your Black Friday posts.

Social Media

Social Media is a big focus on Black Friday. It takes a crucial part in marketing campaigns during the holiday season.

Because people are more likely to share discounts and deals news with friends and people around them.


It is one of the effective ways to attract people and drive sales. Even it is the top pricing strategy for retailers from all sectors.

However, discounts can be a pain to your business.

When you slash prices you need to be attentive. Because it directly attracts your customers.

If you have done something wrong, then it could kill your profit by grabbing purchasers from non-audience. So, they will only buy your product/service when prices are lower.

As a discount, you can have free shipping costs. It is one of the biggest reasons to make people avoid online shopping.

If you get attraction with this you may boost sales on Black Friday.

Besides this, you want to get some helpful tools for your Black Friday campaigns. This is a useful platform that may help you…

Let’s see each tool separately….

10 great tools ✅, Nextsale provides for you:

  • 1. Social Proof Popup
  • 2. Promo Bar & Promo Popup & Sticky Bar
  • 3. Exit-Intent Popup
  • 5. Sales Popup
  • 6. Activity Popup
  • 7. Notification Tab & Animated Tab
  • 8. Free Shipping Bar & Top Bar
  • 9. Countdown Popup
  • 10. Cart Timer & Countdown Timer
Increase sales for Black Friday with social proof
Increase sales for Black Friday with social proof

These two days can bring a large number of visitors to your site. Even those who haven’t come before.

You just need to show some trust signals for them. And this is possible with the tools below. These notifications highlight the recent orders as the best tactic.

Encourage new visitors

#Social Proof Popup ☑️

Add powerful testimonials, notify visitors about website traffic and encourage new visitors in purchases by showing them previous orders.

When they see comments of real purchasers it creates trust in people and triggers them to buy and use your service.

#Sales Popup ☑️

Let visitors know what others did on the website by showing recent sales notifications. You can build incredible trust to help your visitors to shop with confidence.

You may turn your shop into a busy business with the help of Sales Popup. It will show recent sales that will help to boost customer confidence and buy or use service.

#Activity Popup ☑️

Show live visitor count, order count and product views with attractive popups. For instance, if you want to show how many people did bulk activities, you can do it by activity popups.

You can make customers feel a sense of urgency by using these tools.

Firstly, highlight the product pages that previous customers have bought or viewed recently. Show people how much stock is remaining. This will trigger them to make a purchase.

Display the hottest products under “Black Friday best buy” on site. You can know the favorites of customers.

If you choose to show special ones with discounts you can catch people… It can increase your conversions by up to 3% by including trending products on the homepage. In Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it will be much higher due to Black Friday deals.

  • Add promo bar to display discounts
Promo bar for Black Friday deals
Promo bar for Black Friday deals

#Promo Bar & Promo Popup & Sticky Bar ☑️

Let visitors know how many days, hours and minutes are left until the end of promotions. These look like free shipping bars.

Besides exit-intent popup, it stays on-site and doesn’t leave when the visitor leaves the site.

These tools can help you mention about promotional campaigns and discounts. But before doing this, it is good to know discounting tips and ideas…

Tips for discounting

Schedule timing

When we think about discounting, timing is a crucial factor. You need to send deals at the right time, like when people need it.

For instance, your customers mostly buy at the end of the month, so it will be useful for you if you schedule offers at that time. It will greatly affect your conversion rate.

Use tactics

You can various implement discounting tactics on cheap and expensive products both. Let’s see it with examples.

You have an inexpensive product like the supplement of a bottle which costs 25$. You want to put discounts on it.

Offers can be in two versions, like 40% off and 10$, that both have different impacts. However, I can say that the first one would be much better even if they have equal value. It is because people will think it will be a high amount of discount than just saying 10$ reduction.

When you have more expensive products, then it is better to show discounts with numbers rather than a percentage.

For instance, for a product with 350$ price, discounts of 50$ and 15% are the same things. But here it is much better to show with percentage. In other words, for many people, it is hard to figure out 15% of 350$ 🧐

Set margins

Many global platforms like Spreadshirt set up discounts with margins. This is what prevents giving away too much or losing money with discounts. It is called setting an acceptable range of margin for products.

Offers to selected groups

You can offer discounts to people by dividing them into some groups. Reward group of clients by considering the best clients in your business or the ones you feel honor especially for some reason.

To attract people with discounts you can test something different additional to discounts. Offer free shipping, promotional gifts or voucher to redeem later.

Retain visitors

#Exit-Intent Popup ☑️

Retain visitors when they want to leave your page by showing a promotional campaign. When you intend to leave the site, pop comes appears and you can write on them, what message you want to give.

By using this tool you can capture and convert visitors into real customers and subscribers. It will remind what abandoning visitors are missing out.

We easily forget information so it is good to have something that reminds us. This will be a friendly reminder with offers, before people leaving your site.

Reduce cart abandonment when people want to exit the site
Reduce cart abandonment when people want to exit the site

#Notification Tab & Animated Tab ☑️

Attract visitors with different comeback messages when they switch the browser tab. Show on browser tab beautiful fav icons, friendly messages, and impressive animations.

#Free Shipping Bar & Top Bar ☑️

Use upsell promotions to boost your sales, ex: “You are $20 USD away from Free Shipping”. This one appears on the upside of your site.

FOMO is Fear of Missing Out and it is so powerful to use it for Black Friday.

#Countdown Popup ☑️

Create a strong sense of urgency and hurry visitors to make purchases quickly by showing a countdown timer. You can use this popup, two or three days before Black Friday by using call to actions like “Get It Now within limited time period”

#Cart Timer & Countdown Timer ☑️

Use timers to recover cart abandonments. Remind visitors with timers to check out fast to avoid losing items in the basket.

Adding timers on this holiday season can really help you. When you add timers to displays about Black Friday deals,  it will create urgency on people.


With the ideas and popups we provide, you can be ready to increase sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 🔥

Even we have prepared special themes section in our app for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. There will be some themes for popups and notifications for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, to enable store owners prepare quickly for the promotions…

If you are looking for a quality platform to get help, check out Nextsale. You can try mentioned tools with a free option.

Let us know in the comments which one of the ideas works best for your business?

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